I keep checking how many notes my photo via bonesandstyle has. LOL. Whatevs, man, say whatevs. :L But last time I checked it was 771 notes. Think people are gonna stop hearting and reblogging, like the whole hype of it is dying, haha, you can tell. Newais, I'm reading some of the comments and stuff people have been adding when they reblog, and people are like i kinna wish im skinny like this., i like her style., this is weird. but i really wanna be you., love this style & her room is so kitch. :d and fuck yeah skinny bitch ^^ and stuff, and aww, it's so nice, LOL. Even though they don't know that I'm actually reading it and stuff, aww, it's so nice, keke. :D

Been trying to look for a photo to add to this post on Tumblr for like aages now. Frick. Oks I just added anything. You shouldn't waste the day, btw, that's not good. :0 I have a Truong test today. I really don't want to study. Oh, can anyone explain this:

31. The track of a gramophone record is in the shape of a spiral curve and may be considered as a number of concentric circles of inner and outer radius 5.25cm and 10.5cm respectively. The record rotates at 33 1/3 rev/min and takes 18 minutes to play. Find the length of the track. (Take x=22/7) (Hint: total = 600 revs; .: T600 = 10.5 × 22/7 × 2)


Lol dw about the question cos Alan helped explain it before I left for Truong. Anyway, I went out for my ortho with my dad in the afternoon, appointment was at 4pm. Um, I saw year 10 girl that I totally don't know how to spell her name and don't wanna pretend I do cuz I might spell it terribly wrong. But newais, I saw her. Um, I got pink braces (again) and I realised that I get pink braces a lot. :0 LOL. They put two more brackets, one at the end of each .. um .. Well cos there are two teeth at the back of my bottom jaw on each side that didn't have a bracket before, but now they do. And I don't have to wear elastics, yay. :)

Anyway, after my ortho I went to Livo Westfields to chill. And yeahh, I got the Ladakh top I wanted! :D I was so stressed, cos it wasn't where it was before, but I found it and yeah. And also, the high-waisted shorts that I wanted which are $30 down to $60 .. Yeah I don't think they stock XS, cos they put more there and the smallest was only an S. Dayum, man. :L While I was in the changeroom, they started playing real shit music with heavy bass really loudly (in Globalise, btw) and I was like, Farout, this is bs music. LOL. But there's that guy there that omg, every time I see him I just think how nice is hair and clothes are. No jokes. :0 LOL, and I just asked Genvin if he thought the same every time he sees the guy, and yes he does too. LOL. But omg, yeah, he wore that Cheap Monday singlet that I WANT, gosh. LOL. But yeah, I got the top! :D And there are these cute boots at Dotti. Like, I've been wanting boots for a while, right. A little above the ankle, and just plain black boots that are like .. 'relaxed' looking, kinda? But yeah, anyway, Dotti have like the exact pair I want, but they're $59.95 which is FML, cos I have $2 right now, I am not joking. LOL. But they're really cute, I wanna get them. :)

What else.. Oh, Truong test was today. Truong class was good, I rkn. This was like, my lesson to shine. LOL. Like this is the first time ever where the teacher like saw my work and he's like, Oh you smat! (HAHAHA, GRACE) And yeah, he walked past and was like, Well done. Yay. :) Hahaha. Um, and question 6 in the test, I would've gotten it wrong but he pointed out that it was p.a. but monthly. So yeah. I stressed out on question 1, so I skipped it all and went to like question 4 LOL, and then did the questions in like almost a random order LOL. And I got 1 in the end, and stressed out over 6 cos I kept getting 20 000 again or like a decimal to the power of like some fricken bs. LOL. But in the end I got a normal number, yayay. :) So I think I did good in the test .. Hope so, newais! :D

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