LOL, bromo. :P

iTunes looks badass now. Like everything's lighter (colour).

Will edit later cuz I'm watching Zombieland on my laptop, lol, watched it last night as well and it's good, man. :D And umm, yeah, Genvin's like, Finish your post, cuz he wants to post smth, so I'll edit this later. And omg, I just realised how gross the brush in the photo was. LOL. Btw it's not mine. That's not my room. O___OOO LOL. I'll probably take the photo again.



What I wore today:
1. Ladakh hole-y singlet, $28 down from $35 @ Globalise (new)
2. PSC studded belt, $24.95 @ PSC
3. Jeans West high-rise shorts, $18 or smth?
4. Sportsgirl removeable clutch chain worn as a necklace
5. Stussy SS logo necklace, $15 @ Gluestore
6. Ring from my grandma, haha.
And you'll notice I'm wearing purple nail polish. Since when was the last time I did that. :0 It's always one of several pinks or red. :P

Dear Manisay,
Thank you for posting a tutorial on how to create a vintage effect on Photoshop, printscreens included. I've found it terribly helpful and it looks really good. Oh, and it's also really simple which makes things heaps easier. Tyvm!
From Genevieve

Dannis came over this morning. Ohh, he's making his earring into a stretcher. So earlier today he had like .. Y'know those earrings that are like long and they're like a fang? Like a fricken fang just stabbed through your ear. LOL. Terrible description, but yeah he put a thicker one in. It'll be weird if he stretches it too much, cuz I reckon stretchers look good only if they're like 1cm diameter stretched. Any more and it's nty, and less looks silly. Hahaha.

So I had nothing to do, and I bought that top yesterday, so I decided to dress up and take a photo of my top. Um, I've got a problem. If I keep taking photos of what I'm wearing while using my current camera with the broken LCD screen, all the photos are gonna come out pretty similar, cos I have to take them in the mirror, and I always end up using my sister's room. I could use like the bathroom but that's not cool, or I could go to my mum's room, I guess. Point is, I really need a new camera. (Lol, how can people read how I talk about nothing like every time I blog and still be interested :0)

Okay, I think my photo via bonesandstyle has like finally finished its hype. Lol. I don't think people really care but I was/am like pretty pysched about it. 826 notes. Idk but that's really cool, man. :) And yeah, so now I owe Wendy a Chuppa Chup for hearting my photo via weheartit, and that's how I became famous. Ooh yeah. LOL.

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