Oh, I realised just then that even though I've been blogging recently, I haven't exactly mentioned what's been up lately, for me. Hahaha.

Today, yesterday and the day before that, I've been weighing myself in the morning. Well, on the first day I did it cos I was totally wondering how much I weighed, and ages ago in the first week of the holidays, I wrote a to-do list for the holidays. And one of them was to be 47kg. Newais, so on the first day, I weighed (everytime I weigh myself, it's before I've eaten anything in the whole day) 44.0kg. What the freak! :O Next day, I was 44.2kg. And then today, I was 44.0kg again. Man, this is fucked. Like I swear I eat a lot. :( But sif I'm gonna be fricken 47kg by the end of the holidays, gosh. Btw, I started the holidays at 44.6kg. Gahh! TT"

Another thing, since posting up my New Year's resolutions onto this blog, I've been drinking a lot more water recently. Like once, I had nothing to do so I just finished my 600ml bottle of water. :0 But yeah, I've been drinking about 2L everyday for like the past .. Idk, 3 or 4 days? So yeah. I haven't drank much besides water.

Sister got 4 of her wisdom teeth out today. So she can't really do much now. Needs like ice packs to her face and everything. Gosh, looks so .. annoying LOL. :0

And I've got a Truong test tomorrow. I was studying yesterday, catching up on all the AP questions that I didn't do. Omg, and I don't get the last question on the first page of the handout, the one with the gramophone. Does someone wanna explain it? I cbb to get the sheet now, but I might type it up later. :S Cuz I don't get Vivian's working out, someone explain. :D And I only remembered today that I actually had Truong homework. LOL. I had totally forgotten about it, no jokes. :I

And I've got an ortho appointment tomorrow at 4pm. Gtgggg!

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