#411 Because we're up on the phone

OMG. Saw it on Tumblr and omg there are like 3 thousand notes on it. LOL. BUT OMG, INTENSE! :OO

Happy birthday, Andy!

I woke up this morning cos my sister told me we were leaving the house in half an hour to meet up with my cousins from the ACT for lunch. And I managed to get ready in like 10-15 minutes, INCLUDING a shower. Fricken pro, yeah? AHAHAH.

Got to Cabra and walked around for like 10 minutes, looking for a restaurant that was open and that my grandpa wanted to go to. :L We had lunch and then we sat around talking. Chloe and Ganan were going to a dress up party on Friday, and the theme was like Video Games. And Chloe didn't have her outfit yet, so we were just talking about it. My sister mentioned she dress up with some friends as Tetris blocks, hahaha, so I think she might do that. Maybe just by herself, though, LOL. Idk. :P And I think I'm like taller than most of my cousins and siblings except for Ganan. Ahahha. Umm, after lunch the adults and stuff went grocery shopping, and we went back to the apartment and hung around. We wanted to pop by Livo, but there were 6 of us and Ganan's only on his P's, so with double demerit points he could lose his license. So we just hung around watching Asian TV and yeah we all fell asleep after a while. LOL. Hope they come over again sometime soon, like Chinese New Year or something. :)

Speaking of Chinese New Year, I think Jacqueline and Jennifer's house is gonna be finished by around then. Cos they're renovating their place and it's taking forevs, which is partly why I don't have any fucking New Year's or Christmas parties. FML FML. But yeah, they said they were gonna have a party once the house was done, which would be around Valetine's Day, which is co-incidentally the same date as Chinese New Year this year. So hopefully that turns out good. :D And I remembered earlier today, is Avi having a party sometime? I really hope he does, cos I'm a fricken bored-az kient @ home.

AND OH MY GOSH. FORGOT TO MENTION BEFORE. My cuz Chloe says she's taking up music, not as into sports as she used to. Cos all three of them, Glentin, Ganan and Chloe used to go swimming. Like swimming clubs, really good and everything. But they all don't go anymore. So anyway, Chloe says she's into music more than sports now, and OMG, they're getting a new music teacher this coming year, and HIS NAME IS MICHAEL JACKSON. OH MY FRICKEN GOSH. :OOOOOOOOOOOO HAHAHA.

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