#408 It was the middle of summer in Texas

Went Livo today! It wasn't fully crowded or anything, which was good. Got a black stain-ish jacket from Dotti for $49.95 down from $89.95 and a Cotton On shirt for $5 down from $24.95! So that was pretty cool. I really wanted these black and white sabre-tooth patterned high-waisted shorts from Globalise for $30 down from $60, they were really nice and made my legs look pretty long, and I've been wondering what I'd look like in shorts like them. But they were fricken too big for me! :( :(! FML. 50% off, too. There were only 2 left and they were both S, but .. I'd probably need an XS, since they're high waisted. NEWAIS, GOTTA DINNER!

Fricken burnt my tongue. :( Fricken annoying. Feel really .. weird. Like I just had dinner, but it feels like I haven't eaten anything at all. What the freak. :0 Omg and I full saw this guy at Livo, fricken .. :D. LOL. Like he has full nice hair, but it was bleached and stuff, aww, but it was really nice and stuff, full wanna get hair like him. And he dressed fulll gooodddd. Wore like a dark singlet with a print on it, I didn't see what, and black or dark blue skinnies and black slip ons. FULL NICE, keke. :D Oh and there were all these rings on sale at Diva, and I wanted to get this owl one but they only had L's left, FML. But I really wanna get rings and bracelets. Oh, and the hot guy was wearing like bracelets. Like .. string-rope-y ones. LOL. Oh and there's this studded bracelet just at Rubi, it's not full nice but it'd be good as a basic thing. OH, AND VIVIAN, the bracelet I made out of the string you gave me broke! :O The string came undone, and it all came undone and I couldn't do it up again. :(





Edited using Manisay's tutorial. It's pretty mad. I was trying to do it from memory cos I was on the school DET laptop and I did something that's not as intense as that and it's not that bad. :) But yeah, that's the one using Mani's tut. (Lol,' tut'.) That's in my sister's room, btw. And I noticed that I take a lot of photos in my sister's room, rather than mine. ^o) I think cos she's got a bigger mirror, keke. You can see my second-hand Fiorelli bag on the bed. I'll upload a photo where you can see it better another time, haha.

What I'm wearing: Shirt, $5 from Cotton On (cuz the point of the photo was to show you my shirt lol), studded black belt, $24.95 from PSC, denim shorts, $49.95 from Just Jeans.

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