#407 ... Boxing Day Sales

Check the time this was posted. We all woke up at 4:15am so we could go city and get there are like 7am. Hardly any of us got sleep. I have fricken Truong. I have 7 people incl. me and Genvin online. AHAHHAA. Sorry I didn't stay up so we could talk on the phone. LOL. I slept for .. idk like 2 hours or smth, cbb to think. Hope I go out to ct after Truong too.


9:02pm FUCKING TIRED, MAN. This is gonna be a really long post, today was really epic, man.

So as it says, I went to the Boxing Day sales today in the city, haha. Stephen slept over last night, so yeah. Me, Genvin, Stephen and Steph, going to the city. I hardly slept, stayed up until .. Idk, but didn't sleep until 1:30am or something (Idk) and woke up again at 2:16am cuz got a text haha. Anyway, we all didn't sleep too great. :L Stephen made us breakfast, and then my dad drove us to Cabra station so we wouldn't have to bus it to Livo. Left the house at 5:30am. Got to Cabra at probably 5:45am. Went to the newsagency, and who do I see, Danica with Ken LOL. Full random, I didn't think she'd be bothered to wake up so early, hahaa. Anyway, we waited for Brian and Katie to get to Cabra. Caught the train. No city via Granville lines today, only City via Bankstown line, FML. Full takes like 1 hour+ to get to the city from Cabra.

We got off at Central, I rkn it would've been so much smarter to get off at Town Hall or Museum but nah, lol. Walked to Myer. Got there at around 8. Then we kinda split up, and Genvin went with his friends and I was with my sis. She called Andy, and they were like less than 1m away from each other and ended up walking past each other without knowing, and I was like standing in between them and I'm like, Wtf LOL. Andy had been there since like 3, cos David Jones gives $100 vouchers to the first 100 people there. Andy was 130-something, missed out. FML. Anyway, I went with my sister to the underwear section cos that's the first level I go on, haha. Andy went to get food, or something? Anyway, they had like the best sale there, I swear! :O Y'know how there are satin Davenports? Like, kinda limited edition-ish? There's like black, pink and blue. Yeah, so anyway, I got a set! Yay! LOL. I got the blue satin one. Cbb to find a link, sorry. :L But yeah, it was 30% off all underwear on the marked prices, full GG! So I ended up getting my Davenport bra for $10.50 down from $15 down from $32.95, matching Davenport briefs for $3.50 down from $5 down from $15.95 and finally, a white Mossimo bra for $23.09 down from $32.99 (which is messed, it's not meant to be fkn $32.99 I SWEAR.) BUT FULL GG, MAN! :D Cos at first I was gonna get this Bonds set, and it'd be like Idk, $30-something but decided to get the Davenports and Mossimo instead. FULL GG, YAY. Went up to Dangerfield, saw this nice black jumper which was sheer and ripped for $40 down from $88. Decided not to get it cos I shouldn't spend $40 on a jumper like that. Also, I lost the price tag thing for it. LOL.

But then I had to walk back to the station, haha. Got to Town Hall. When my sister told my mum she wasn't taking the train back with me, my mum started asking all these questions, blahblah, whatevs, I took my train LOL. When I checked the timetable, it said I'd get to Ffld at 10:10am. But that was via South Line, which wasn't operating. FML. So I take my train, which did NOT stop at Fairfield, and my plan was to go to Cabra and then take a train to Fairfield. Got stressed out because no one that was at/going to Truong weren't answering their phones. Called Danica, got Sir Mai's number, called him and yeah. :0 Got to Cabra. Saw Dannis, who was going to go city. Saw that my train to RICHMOND (2nd stop, Ffld) was coming in 4 minutes. Started talking to Dannis, and totally forgot that the train he was catching WASN'T the one I was. LOL. Caught the train. Dannis: 'This train doesn't go Fairfield'. Genevieve: 'OH FUUUUUCCKK!' LOL. So I got off at Carramar. That stop is like just nothing. There is nothing there. LOL. Stood around .. Texted Sir that I wasn't going, which is kinda embarrassing, he probs told the class about it or smth to laugh. LOL. Called all these people .. Oh, when I was in Dangerfield, Nick was all pissed cuz he missed his train by like less than a minute. LOL. Yeh so called all these people, telling them about what I did, gosh, it's pretty noob/funny LOL. Newais, stood around .. Trains came every half hour, haha. Called my rents, and they said that my dad would pick me up at Cabra, we'd go home and head out to city again. Trained to Cabra. Walked to Gloria Jeans to see if they were still hiring. They are. Lol. Walked over to my grandpa's apartment. Waited for my dad.

Got back. Full checked out the underwear I bought, haha. :) My mum liked it and said it was full good bargain. Cos it is. Hung around for a bit. Ate something. Called and texted heaps of people today, srsly, haha. Just asking where they are, small things like that, haha. Newais, headed out to Cabra at 1:15pm. Got to Cabra at 1:30pm. Got to city at like 2-something. Was full sleepy, omg. Got to city. It was me and my parents, btw. Then I said I was meeting up with some friends and yeh. Went to get an iced coffee from Maccas. No joke, it took 10 minutes in line. Eff you. LOL. My phone was kinda messed, didn't call people properly for a bit. Went into Myer while I waited for my phone to work properly again. Got in. Phone worked when I was walking around the underwear section again. Called my friend. This was at 3:19pm, btw. O__O

They weren't in Myer. We tried to meet up. I'm really noob with the city. I never go, right? Walked around. Tried meeting up and I ended up walking around the city for like 20-30 minutes. LOL. Walked from Myer, turned right, realised I was going the wrong way, went back, crossed the road, walked up, up, up, friend told me I was meant to turn right a while ago, walked back, turned into that right, was told to go into JB Hi Fi and walk till the end, but I was walking around QVB (or what I thought was QVB? :S), went into JB Hi Fi, turns out it was the wrong JB Hi Fi, LOL, decided to meet at Hype DC (near Myer) so I walked back and then found them. LOL. Full waste of time D:. Met my friends other friends, Brian and Anthony. I think his name was Brian. :S I'm pretty sure .. LOL. This was at like 3:46pm. (10:07pm Oh right, his name was Ryan. LOL.)

We walked around heaps. Went like, just everywhere. I didn't really shop. I don't really mind, though, haha. :P But yeah, went everywhereee. They were pretty mad, ahaha. We walked through Town Hall station, and they were like, WHOA, THEY HAVE NEW TOILETS, FINALLY. So they wanted to check out the toilets LOL, so I was waiting outside with Anthony and yeah, talked a bit. He thought I was in year 11-12 and at least 16. Crazy, ahaha. :P Oh and they were all Canto so that was pretty cool. Went to Espionage at some point and there was this board with three power switches for the store (like light switches) and we dared each other to turn them off, LOL. But a worker was standing like right there so we didn't do it, haha. Walked into all these chick shops, LOL. And fricken, omg, told me about .. Idk if it's meant to be a game. I think it is. They're not srs, btw. I hope not, newais. :( LOL. Oks, so two ppl go to the cemetary, dig up a body. Scissors, paper, rock, and whoever loses has to get naked and lie in 69-position with the corpse on top. Other person bodyslams the corpse/person, and they have to swallow the 'pussy and maggot juice'. FULL GROSS, MAN. :( LOL. Walked into Market City.. Didn't actually do nething there, kinda. Haha. Like I think we just went to the top level and went to Galaxy World, LOL.

I was meant to go at 5pm. Called my mum, she said she was at Town Hall. I called Genvin and he was going home right then, train was coming and stuff. So I called my mum and she said to go home, but not too late. Leave city at around 5:30pm. So yeah, Anthony and Brian played Tekken I THINK while we were at Galaxy World, but I'm not sure cos I was on the phone. They wanted to go CH, and btw, I have no idea what CH actually stands for but I'm gathering it's a Net Cafe, haha, cuz they were gonna L4D it LOL. So they walked me to Town Hall station, yeh .. I saw Vi (like in year 10). Newais, wasn't 100% when the train was coming but I went to platform 6 cos it's always platform 6. Brian has two helix piercings. I want one. :( Lol.

Newais, I fricken hung around at the station for ages. There were 2 trains before mine. My train was meant to come in 15 minutes but it was fkn messed up, srsly, fkn hell. The minutes kept going full slow and then pop back up a minute and then drop again. So it was a really slow process, fkn hell. Waited for like 30 mins, I think. Train came at almost 6pm. Called my rents, and they were at Central cos they thought I'd be there, I think. Newais, we ended up taking the same train but not in the same carriage or nething, haha. I was so fkn tired, just listened to my iPod and fell asleep at irregular intervals. Felt like so long, zomg. And my legs started hurting a lot, kinda aching and stuff. :( Got to Cabra at I'm not sure what time, but yeh. Met up with Genvin (he was staying at Stephen's shop) and we went for dinner. Sister was at Andy's place, they'd left earlier, haha. Got home at like 8:45pm .. Newais, I was/am fucken tired az, omg.

Forgot to mention before, but Stephen's full funny, LOL. Cos yesterday was Christmas right, and then at around 8pm we had a blackout, LOL. Stephen was over at the time, yeh, we were eating dinner with candles haha. And Stephen's like, I have all this fruit in my bag! If you ask me if I have apples or bananas in my bag, then yeah, I've got it! And Genvin's like, Do you have bananas? And Stephen's like, YEAHH! And Genvin's like, What about apples? And Stephen's like, Right next to the bananas! LOL. It's more like a you-had-to-be-there kinda thing. :0 And everytime they like pwn someone, they start checking their sleeves and looking around and going, Whoa, where'd that come from! I didn't even see where it came from! LOLLL.

Today was pretty good. Really tired though, was out for ages and hardly got any sleep. I miss my friendddd! Full have to catch up another time in the holidays, hahaha. Cuz I hadn't seen them in forevs, and we're like full friends from ages ago, haha. :) Good shopping. Tbh, might go Livo tomorrow, my mum mentioned it. Didn't end up going Sportsgirl, Gluestore or GPC. :S D:

Took me almost an hour to write this update. But I spent like 10 minutes looking for a good photo, HAHAHA. xoxo!

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