#404 No, you hang up

Omg was full on tired before, ahahaha, slept so late. I hate that. --' Like when you stay up really late, wake up late the next morning and feel really tired and crap for ages after waking up. TT" I stayed up so late on MSN last night, too, lol, since normally I'm afk. :P Stayed till like almost 3am. Man today's so fricken hot, and I think some people are going out. Probs to get like Christmas presents and shit, ahaha. Cuz I know Andy's going Banks to get presents, Aldrich is going ct and Danica's going Parra. Lucky kient's getting MAC foundation. :O Talking to Nickkkk. Like how we used to, ahahaha. Seems like forevsss since the last time we full used to talk and stuff, but yeah it's pretty maddd. :P

Is anyone having a party soon? :O Like a party with everyone .. Not like a family-only kinda party. LOL. Cuz I full wanna party and like see everyone? Cuz I miss everyone? :$ :D So someone have a party soon, yeah? I know Avi's having a party sometime, but when Mel gets back, so that's like mid-January. *0* That's forevs, man, hahaha. Genvin's having a New Year's Eve party, and if you guys want to then yeah sure, come over too LOL. But like make sure it won't piss your parents off if you wanna come. LOLL.


057. What the hell did we do LOL :S. I miss you heaps ..


9:39pm Forgot to mention before, but I remembered this morning. Cuz I actually stayed up till like 5am, LOL. :D Anyway, a year ago, today, I got back with KM. Ahahaha. Watching Transformers again. It's like the best movie ever, keke, I swear. :P Shops open till midnight! Idk if I mentioned that in this post alrdy, but yeah. Didn't even go shops today. Full should've went. Today was kinda boring. Like I woke up at 11:30, ate something at 12:30, went on MSN till 4, internet went down, napped till 5, left the house sometime to go grocery shopping, had dinner, blah blah. Gotta get GG and OTH off Brian sometime, too. :D

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