#403 Yo, I'll tell you what I want,what I really really want

Omg I just realised that in the second photo, there are all these soft toys. How cute! LOL.

Less than 3 days until Christmas!

People are going Parra today. I decided not to ask my parents about it cos I'm meant to be saving up, and just going to Parra (not incl. movie) would be at least $10. Which is FML for me right now, I only have around $46. Last night I thought it'd be cool if I went thrift shopping today, just in Livo. But then it turns out today's fucking hot, so I decided not to, LOL. Everyone's getting tutoring jobs! :O Like, Angela helps her sister and her friends, I know Mitchell tutors these kids and Wendy's gonna tutor these kids? :L And I think my cuz is a tutor as well. And everyone's getting full hardcore intense phones LOL. :O

My mum mentioned that we might change the carpet this year. Like right now, we have that 'basic' creamy-ish colour carpet that like everyone has. Like, if you've been to Grace's house, then I think it's the same colour, but I don't remember what carpet Grace has, but I think it's the same. LOL. So I don't know what colour to get if I get a different colour, but I rkn the colour we have right now is so fricken boring, so it'd be cool if we could change. I really wanna go Ikea! :O I need a new bookcase and I wanna get things to decorate my room.

Chelsea, your name is cool. LOL. Anyway, my résumé is on my laptop and um, I kinda can't be bothered to put it on a USB and post it. Oh, and I can't post it from my laptop cuz that's the laptop from the government and Blogger's blocked? So yeah, but I'll get it up .. as soon as possible. (Hopefully.. :S)


grace says (1:47 PM): hey bro i got blue/green carpet LOL

Okay I have like the normal creamy beige-y .. coloured carpet. LOL.


10:37pm WESTFIELDS OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! Grace went with family to watch Avatar 3D, and I tried asking my mum to go but she didn't really say yes. Brian offered to drive Genvin and me to Livo, though, so we got there at like 8:08pm. And then I hung around, and had to buy eggs for my mum, and I looked around places .. I only brought like $6-something, LOL. Anyway, so I bought the eggs and stuff, and then got a call from Genvin saying that him and Brian would wanna go home cos they bought all 4 Home Alone movies and are really psyched and wanna go home and watch it LOLL. So I bought the eggs, blah blah. Didn't end up meeting with Grace cos her phone was off, and I thought she would've gone home. TT" Anyway, so we left Westfields. Oh, I saw George and I think I saw Eric. No offence, but if you see me at like Livo or out somewhere and I don't wave back, or it looks like I'm glaring/death-staring you, then I'm SO SORRY LOL, cos I can't see jackshit, and might not recognise you or think you're not waving to me. LOL. Pretts sure it was Eric, though, so yeah. :L Cuz he waved.

Anyway, so we left Westfields, and then we drove to Maccas and Brian got some food and was complaining that the chick gave him 45c in 5c coins. LOL. And then we drove around, and his car had like crazy ass bass, full strong and shit, far, LOL. And so we drove to Valley Plaza to the Quix there for a fill upppp. And now we're home and they were talking about grilled cheese sandwiches and shit. And Brian has a helix piercing, whaa, he dresses full good and everything. :L

Got home, and Brian wanted to show Genvin how Shazam works. I think he has the same iPhone screen cover as Nicholas or smth? It's reflective so it's like a mirror. Anyway, so we played a few songs to show how it worked, blah blah. And now they're watching Home Alone, far, it's such an old movie. And my dog was full on staring at Brian when he was eating, LOL. And then they complained that I type too loud (cuz I started typing this shit up) and so now I'm typing all slow so it'd be quieter. LOL. But I think I type loudly normally, my sister's said that before. Anywayyyy, I wanna go Kikki.K and get a 365 diary! It'll be mad.


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