#402 My dreams tell me different things

This girl's from LB. She posts up so many looks, but they're all hyped and everything cos she can actually dress.

Hey so I realised that when I'm on MSN, 50% or more of the time I'm online, I'm away? Lol, sorry if that annoys people. It probably does, LOL. :0 Oh, Genvin's back, will blog later. Oh, I'll post all these Christmas photos for a bit. Cos Christmas is this week! :D


1:28pm Yesterday, Grace mentioned that there was English tutor tomorrow. Which is today. I was so cut, seriously, I thought we were on holiday already! :( But turns out we have class today, farout. Full on don't wanna go. Hopefully we play Scategories or something, though. :0 I wanted to go to Ikea today, but we weren't going to go anyway, even if I didn't have tutor, cuz my mum doesn't know how to drive there (dad's at work), and my sister's at the doctor's. But I figured out which bookcase to get. Billy bookcase, $69.00 (link). I should really do something about my links, I think, cuz you can't tell that they're links unless you hover over them, and as if everyone's gonna hover over every word here to see if it's a link. :0 So Idk, gotta do something about that.

I was reading people's blogs yesterday cos I was incredibly bored and actually clicking on every blog link I saw, pretty much. Anyway, Nikkida and Sophiea have been like working these holidays and going shopping with the money they get .. Like, FML. LOL. I full want a job! :( I got most of my résumé written yesterday, but I still need references, right? All I can think of to use as a reference are teachers, but we're on fricken holidays right now! :0 How the freak am I meant to ask them. :( I can ask Mr Mai from Truong, but that's fucken scary. Like he's nice and everything, but he's still way scary, man. :S :S :S! So yeah, I don't know when's the earliest I can get a job. So I wanna do like some charity/volunteer work sometime, so I can put it on my résumé, and then I'll look good. LOL. And maybe I can use the employer as a reference, instead of a teacher. :) So I kinda wanna work at Vinnies for a bit, but I don't know if they're going to accept me, cos I think heaps of people would wanna help out there. :O So I have no idea, gonna have to go there. Genvin asked about working there, ages ago, and they said that he had to fill out this form. And wouldn't I need like a taxfile number so I can work? ^o) Ughhh. I fully want a job, though. Then I can afford things. LOL O__O.

Oh. People are going out tomorrow, to Parra. I don't know if I should go. I wanna go out, but I'm seriously meant to be saving up.. So I don't know. :S Danica's not gonna be there.. Oh. Then I probably won't go, LOL.


2:50pm You would not guess what I'm listening to (this). And I also forgot to mention earlier, happy birthday, Kabhilan! And I think it could be Hanson's birthday, according to Regina's PM. So, happy 18th birthday, Hanson! And btw, I'm only assuming he's turning 18, but I'm pretty sure he is. Oh, and Nick has his party today.

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