#405 Anh Yeu Em

Christmas Eve today! Might have to edit this post later, change the picture above, haha.

Gottta go. I have like HP6 on my laptop cuz Dannis came over and I got it from his USB thing. Slept late again, ahaha. :P


3:47pm Okay came back from Cabra. Cos we're going over to my grandpa's apartment today, and then we're just gonna like have all this food and stuff and celebrate Christmas. I don't know why we're celebrating today, on Christmas Eve, but my mum had a valid reason which she told my sister yesterday. Only I don't remember it. So me, my mum and sister went to Cabra to get more groceries and stuff. Dannis is still over, btw, and they were watching movies and they're downloading Up atm. Anyway, so we bought all this stuff, it was really hot this afternoon, farout. We went to Hungry Jacks for lunch, and I saw Lisa there (like, she was with a friend, just so you know, it's not like she was there by herself or working there or smth, hahaha). Um, I ate my mum's sundae and felt like crap. LOL. So I steamed some vegetables and I'm eating that atm. :D

There's a secret sale at GPC today. Like an early post-Christmas sale. And I didn't go! :( FML, haha. Oh! A while ago, me and Genvin ordered some American Apparel shit off eBay. I got two singlets and I was supposed to get a cardi, but nooo, Genvin didn't order it. Anyway, our stuff came in the mail today. :P I got this (link) in navy and black, size S. But far, I tried it on and it's still a bit big. :( Fully should've order XS, but I thought I wasn't that small. :0 Anyway, American Apparel clothing is soo soft, so nice. :D Genvin got this hoodie for like $24 or something .. I think it's this (link), and omg, I fully want one! :OO It's full nice and soft and warm and everything, fkn, FML, I REALLY WANT ONE NOW. >;0

But anyway, nws. :) Man, I really miss everyone. Like, I've said that already, but full miss everyone. I guess it's not that bad that we have Truong catchup classes during the holidays, cuz I would've forgotten everything otherwise, and I get to see people. Oh, and Dannis has an earring. LOL.


5:38pm Okay I just watched Up, and it's full good. Like, before, I didn't really wanna watch it, haha, but omg it's actually a really good movie. If you haven't watched it, then omg, just like download it or something, full good. Keke. :P But main reason why I'm reblogging/updating is cuzzzz YAYY, my headphones that I ordered off eBay came in the mail as well! :D Full everything's coming in, haha, like my headphones, American Apparel orders, my sister's book which she ordered online .. Yeah. :D Full happy with my headphones, man. Keke. Cuz I had these iPod earphones, and they were fricken messed up AZZ, like, only one of them worked, both of the top parts of the earphones had come off, and far, the sound is just full bad. But now I have these badass headphones and chyeah, so much better, omg. :D And, other reason why I had to update is cuz happy birthday, Eric! Lol, man, I always see you at Livo. I don't know why. Like, first thing I notice is, 'Hey that guy's really tall', and then second thing I notice, 'He's wearing red pants', AHAHAHA JKKK! :P


Hope everyone has a good time, for Christmas tomorrow! :D

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