#374 I love ...

Wow, while going through Tumblr pages and thinking about what to blog about, I was considering putting a comment box, and putting 'I LOVE ...' and let people finish it. And then I found this photo, and decided not to put the comment box cos it would take too much time. Lol.

9R finally got their laptops today! Gosh, we're later than everyone else except for 9N. But like half of 9N have their's already, ahaha. We got our reports today, and I thought I did good, but my parents said I didn't do good in English and science. Gosh, what do you want, man. :( 5 A's and 4 B's. So that's pretty cool, man. Last time, it was 3 A's, 5 B's and a C. Oh, and all my crap is blocked on the laptops. People were paying for their skins (ordered by Wendy), so everyone was paying her, she opened her wallet, gosh, all this money, loaded one LOL O___O.

Today was our last PE theory lesson with Hughes! He's a cool teacher, man. Like I seriously wanna have him next year for PE, no jokes! :D The beginning of the year, I thought he was the biggest bitch ever, but no, he's cool man. :L

Umm.. This year's coming to an end. I think I'm going to be pretty busy, too. Oh. Today is the 7th of December, 2009 in Australia. So I think in America, it's the 6th. Happy birthday Jacqueline! I think you're 24 noww, cuzz from America. :D And I think yesterday was Nick and Kim's 2 months. Forgot to mention it on my blog. And today, is happy birthday, Jordan Cohen!

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