#373 Because I have nothing to do

Had nothing to do, and after visiting Christie's and Lizzie's, I decided to write one up too, ahaha. :P
Ruffle Front Cami ($34.95) @ Sportsgirl

New Silver Jumble ($19.95) @ Sportsgirl
(Someone buy this for me LOL :D)

Nail It! Nude ($7.95) @ Sportsgirl

Multi Charm Bracelet ($24.95) @ Sportsgirl
(I'm not joking, if you buy this for me, I will love you.)

Beautiful Shield Ring ($14.95) @ Sportsgirl

'80s Stripe Crop Tank ($39.95) @ Sportsgirl

Line Jersey Singlet ($19.95 or 2 for $30) @ General Pants Co.

Havaianas Metal Logo Black/Gold ($39.95) @ General Pants Co.

Black front + Purple Spray Inside ($19.95) @ Dotti

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