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Oh, I'm in Commerce (D) minor for next year, btw. Just if anyone's wondering, ahaha. The list with all the classes for next year are up, they're near the PE staffroom kinda.

I think I'm going Surry Hills Markets. I don't know how to spell Surry. It's either Surrey or Surry. I thought I was typing it right all this time, but there's a chance that there could be the 'e'. Psh, I don't need anymore E's, it makes up like almost half of 'Genevieve'. LOL. But anyway, I think I could be going Surry Hills Markets today with my sister. Genvin's not going cos he needs to study. My aunt and grandma are getting to the airport at night, so me and Steph should get back before they leave. Cucci, (btw, that's pronounced like 'Lucy' but with a C/K instead of L) my cuz, is having a party/BBQ for Isaac (I don't know how to spell it, omg) who is my 3 year old nephew. I think hes 3 years old, I'm actually not sure at all. :0 Anyway, they're having a BBQ, and hopefully my mum brings some food back, cuz even though I've been at two parties that have both had BBQ's, I still haven't really had BBQ food. LOL. My cousins from Canberra are coming over today, too. Doesn't my day sound so intense, LOL.

Oh, and last night, my aunt gave me $50. So I guess I should go shopping today, ahahaha. Maybe I'll find something for KK present, but I don't know. And also, we should all save up and then go shopping in the holidays. Grace wanted to go shopping, anyway, and I'm pretty sure people like Danica or Yvy would want to as well. Oh, but Yvy's gonna be in Melbs. Bitch. But we should all save up and then go spree. :D Everyone have fun today, ahaha. :P

Oh, actually .. my sister said we might go Caps instead of Surry Hills Markets. Aw.

Just got home! Today was pretty long, this is what we did:
- Bus to Livo, Livo to Redfern for Finders Keepers market. Fucking walked around and didn't find it, gosh, tbh I didn't really want to go, but whatever, my sister was determined. She ended up getting pissed off as well, ahaha, and then we decided to head back and go to city. Fucking wasted $2.80 for a ticket.

- City, walked around Market City. Went to the Asian IGA, and we were looking at the Asian candy and that like made us happier LOL. I got marshmallows with strawberry filling and they're really nice. My sister got mocchi and peach lollies. Yay. Walked around a few stores but had to leave early. Like, we got to Central at around 2:50, and we left at 4:30. Gosh.

- Trained to Cabra. Cabra, we walked around and got Breadtop. Waited for my parents. Got picked up, and then me, my mum, dad, aunt and grandma drove to airport. Sister went training. Cos she goes to this temple thing for training every Saturday.

- Went to airport, got checked in, blah blah. At 7:32PM, we'd finished checking in and putting her luggage in .. the .. thing. Like getting it tagged and whatevs. LOL. Then we went to get food. My dad and aunt and grandma got HJ, and I got sushi. Stupid sushi is so expensive at the airport, seriously. Tempura prawn roll was $3.80. Are they srsss.. I wanted to get a Krispy Kreme but didn't, ahaha. After we ate, we sat around for a bit and my aunt, dad and grandma went toilet. The toilets there are way epic. Then my aunt had to go for her flight. And correction to anything I said before: only my aunt was going back to LA today, haha. Grandma's staying over for a bit longer. :P Then we walked around and spent a while in an Australian tourism shop. The Tim Tams there were $5.95 LOL. So stupid, keke.

- Stayed around till like 8:50PM. Aunt's flight was at 9PM. Parking was $26, fricken crazyyy! Drove home, umm, nothing really interesting with that. I went online for a bit on my dad's iPhone at the airport, but none of my homies were online! :(

- What a vague and quick blog update, keke. And I want everyone to know that:

20 days until Christmas. Be excited.

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