#368 Cos your face annoys me

I haven't done this in a while. I have nothing else to do right now. Ooh, bright blue highlight, yay! :L

One Sometimes, you really really annoy me. You're kinda like a burden, and I just don't want to talk to you sometimes. But with your silly b-s, I have to talk to you. Ugh, you know how bad it makes me look? So stop being a dick. And stop annoying me on MSN. And stop making everything so dramatic, gosh. Cuz that's another thing, I rkn you're soo fricken dramatic about life sometimes. Like we all have to go through shit, and we all get through it and everything. And you're this whiny bitch that has all these problems, blah blah, get over it, move on with life, stop wasting your time. Cuz I used to make sure I wasn't slack to you and shit, but I don't really care anymore, man. Not as much as before, anyway.

Two Wow, I haven't talked to you in a really long time! It's pretty weird, man, cuz we used to talk a lot, but now we don't? At all? As in, we full ignore each other? Hahaha, but gosh, we're gonna be in the same class next year. But aw man, I hope we start talking again. Haven't talked to you since like last holidays. And we're almost at the end of the term, now! That was like way fast, ahahaha. I don't think you're actually gonna talk to me anytime soon, though. You full ignore me now, so I just do that back to you. Full wonder how long it's gonna be like this. But don't worry, cuz y'know what: I think I'm kinda over you. Ahahaha. :D

Three Aw mann, I miss you. Can't even talk to you like on MSN and shiz. :0 Whoa, we've actually known each other for longer than I thought. And you've always had my back and been there to talk to and everything, wow, you're such a good friend. Or maybe more than friend. Lol people are gonna interpret that differently to what it actually means. :L Have fun where you are, yeah? :D

Hey have you guys noticed how I always write letters to the same people? AHAHAHA O___O.

Four Hmm, I wonder if I like you. It's kinda weird, but I think it's more like the kinda 'crush' where they're just there. It's like friends, but .. Idk, you just wanna be closer to them, and hang with them, and be tight with them. I don't know, it's kinda weird. Keke, and you were in my dream once, and I think you were telling me about how you liked someone, no names mentioned or anything. But you were like, Omg, I wanna marry her, and I was like, cut. LOL. I don't even know who it was, cos yeah, no names mentioned or anything, but yes, I remember being cut after you said that. LOL. You're like easy to talk to. I don't really talk to you much, though, but it's .. good when we do. :S

Five 'HOLY MOTHER FUCKER', AHAHAHA. Fricken make me laugh, man. :P

Can't think of any more. You guys can just go and guess all this stuff. LOL.

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