#367 Uh yeah.

Ughh, was gonna blog cos Genvin went away from the computer, before, but then he came back after I signed in. I have to go Truong, now, so I can't blog. Psh! Full feel like a pho, man. Today was like:
- P1, maths, we came in and on the whiteboard it was all like: Hey Mr Dillon ... and all these pickup lines LOL:
* You're like geometry, without you my life would be pointless
* Our love is like pi, irrational and never ending
* I wish you were a 30 degree angle and I was a 60 degree angle, cos then we would compliment each other
And all these other ones. He rubbed it off the board, but yeah, he read them all and everything. :L

- English was cool cos Kolodziej is getting cool, not really making us work. I was just doing Truong .. still haven't really finished, tbh, LOL. :S

- All the music people went on excursion, so today was kinda quiet. 9M and 9O got their stupid laptops! :(

- Almost fell asleep during history, and did some Truong during science. Don't remember what happened at lunch, oh, we were sitting around talking, and these ppl from NZ came and did a dance in the Donut Quad. They look funny LOL.

- Art and PASS, bludge like usual. :L

# Gotta go Truuooooong! Didn't know so many people read my blog, too. Thank you! :D

So what's happened since I last blogged:
1. Went to Truong. Was kinda pissed at first, cos my mum was late by like 8-9 minutes, bro, what if I'm late to class! I wasn't, ahaha, but got there later than I usually do. Class was alright, and we've got a quadratics test next week. :O And they put up our marks for Trig, my rank was fricken 115. CRAZY. Like, in total, I think it goes up to 128 or 138? So yeah, far, I got 115, for shame. :( But weird, cos Grace's class did a different test, and they still put up results .. Oh, wait, maybe they did the proper one alrdy. Idk.

2. Dad was 20 minutes late picking me up, gosh! But yeah, picked me up, and he said we had to pick up my uncle. Okay, so .. in my previous posts and stuff, how I said my aunt and grandma from America were over, yeah, they're from my mum's side. And today, my uncle from my dad's side, who lives in Canberra, came over by bus/public transport. So yeah, me and my dad weren't really sure which station he was at, and we went to Cabra. He wasn't there, so we drove to Livo. I sent a message with my dad's iPhone, gosh, it's so mad to text with it, LOL :D! Anyway, he was at Livo, and we drove home, yep, ate dinner, all that.

3. Then my uncle mentioned that my other cousins (dad's side) were coming over tomorrow. Oh gosh, and it was my grandpa's (dad's side) birthday on last Monday. So today, my other uncle (dad's side) took my grandpa out for dinner, and my aunt (dad's side) is taking him out for lunch tomorrow.

Gosh, okay this is .. getting confusing. But it's pretty intense, cos tomorrow is ..
a. My cousin's (mum's side) BBQ/party for my nephew
b. My aunt and grandma (mum's side) are going home to America
c. Surry Hills Markets open tomorrow
d. Finders Keepers design market thing tomorrow
e. Cousins from Canberra (dad's side) coming over for their aunt/cousin's birthday
And at this time, people are taking my grandpa out for dinner, cuz his birthday was recent.

GOSH, so that's pretty epic, all this crap happening out of nowhere, LOL.

I wanna go Surry Hills tomorrow, but I have like less than $10. That's so sad, I really wanna go! :O Cos the next time it'll be open is on the 2nd January, what the freak! :O SO I REALLY WANNA GOOOOO! :S

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