#366 Baby show me what you got

Lol, I went to Mounties yesterday for buffet, with my aunt, grandma, family friend and family. We ended up staying there for like 2 to 2 1/2 hours. How mad are we. LOL. And Jennifer's friend Sofia was going overseas tomorrow (which is today), so she wanted to say goodbye. Sofia lives right across Mounties, so my family friend's mum, Bonnie, drove me, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Genvin and Steph over to Sofia's. Their driveway leads right into their backyard, and so we were in the backyard. Jennifer was talking to Sofia right outside the house, in the backyard, and we had nothing to do. So we turned on music in the car really loudly and pretended we were having a party AHAHAHHA, and then we tried to back the car out and go home without Jennifer knowing, LOL. So we were like driving all slowly and everything, and when she looked over, she stopped LOL. And then we ended up driving out of the driveway, but parked right in front of the house. Then when they both came out, we hid or pretended to sleep. LOL. We're so cool, AHAHAHA. So that's what I got up to last night, kekeke.

Mufti was today! It was fun az, and I spent period 3, 4 and lunch without shoes on LOL. It was actually pretty cool, man. LOL. Cuz Grace took my shoes, and I don't like her sandals cuz they feel really heavy. So yeah, just went barefoot, it was really fun! :D And everyone looked all pretty today, yay. Today was really bludge, though. Science, we copied notes and watched a video. History, we did an open-book test. In ag, we did nothing important, cuz it's Blake. English, Mr Kolodziej realised we were going to end up working, and he was just talking to us and asking people 'What's Santa getting you?' LOL. But that was pretty cool. Lunch, I hung around with Vanessa and walked around barefoot. Oh and I was wearing Vanessa's hoodie. I want a hoodie now. And there's this year 8 girl with a nice Mossimo hoodie. :( Period 5 and 6 was just the multicultural day performances. I wish I could dance like A2N! :O And we wanna perform B2ST next year AHAHHA. Oh! And Brian was trying to sell vegetarian pizza, and he's like, Omg, if meat pizza and vegetarian pizza were on a Venn diagram, this would be in the middle. LOL, I found that funny az. :P

Still have to do Truong homework. Gosh. And I still have to get a present for Kris Kringle. I have like less than $10 right now. I think I'm going Surry Hill Markets on Saturday. If I find nething good, then gosh, isn't my Kris Kringle bitch gonna be lucky. :P

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