#365 Days in a year

Legs are tired. Ag today was a big bludge, cos Ms Blake couldn't walk. Two periods of nothing important, yay. And I didn't go to HSIE, cos I was at choir. Ahahaha. As if I'm going to perform tomorrow. I went to Livo after school, and I was going to borrow money off Avi to get a top. I didn't end up getting anything, so I don't know what to wear tomorrow. I hate mufti days, gosh. So now I fully don't know what the eff to wear! Really cut. Cuz I met up with Jacqueline, Jennifer and their mum, and Sofia, but we just went into BNT for underwear, and didn't end up going into Sportsgirl or anything. They're meant to be buying accessories, but we didn't get round to, which I think is kinda weird, cuz we left Westfields early. They're going to get their hair done in Parra tomorrow morning, and I really wanna come with, but my mum isn't gonna let. It would've been really good, though, cuz shopping in Parra, then come back to school for maybe some classes and multicultural day performances. Oh, and they're performing Sorry Sorry by Super Junior. LOLL.

But I really wanna go back to Livo and get either a top or a fricken jacket! Cos I would've gotten just two basic singlets from Dotti and that'd be okay. And there was this satin bomber jacket, $30 down from $80 at Dotti, but it was cropped and I rkn that's kinda weird. But there was this other jacket which wasn't as cropped, and it wasn't really satin but the material was still pretty silky, only $40 down from $80. The singlet I tried on at Sportsgirl was too loose/big, and the Bardot singlet was like that too. Dayum, man, I have no idea what to wear tmrw! :( Oh! And there was this really nice Stussy singlet at Globalise! It's just the Stussy S's, and it says like Stussy or something at the bottom, and the letters and stuff are like .. they're not block-black letters, they're more like coloured in, or dashed? Oh Idk. It was like white, and pretty long. Full wanted it, think it was $40-$60. :(

Tired az.. I'm going to Mounties later for dinner. So tired, full wish I bought the tops. Rage. :/

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