#357 Plastic, elastic, fantastic

Umm. I kinda don't really remember what happened today. But I was thinking about things:

Today is Saturday of 28th November in 2009. We're not ever gonna have this day again. So this is the first and last day we're ever gonna have Saturday, 28th November, 2009. How crazy is that.

Anyway, that wasn't what I was thinking about when I said I was thinking about things. But that's still pretty important. Like you're only going to live once, these days are only going to come once. But anyway, I was thinking like:

We're in year 9. Today is Saturday, 28th November, 2009. We're never gonna have this day again, yeah. But it's only going to be around a month until it's 2010. How fast has this year gone by! :O It's terrible. We're going to be year 10 soon, and before we know it, we'll be doing our HSC's. It's a pretts lame thing to blog about, but this year went by wayy fast. Like .. "I'm not quite ready to let go of this past year". Idk.

This year, for me, was like ...
1. Broke up with my boyfriend and ended up liking someone else. That didn't work out.

2. Studied like no tomorrow for yearly exams. Failed important subjects anyway (not really fail, but didn't do all the best). Did especially crap in half yearly and yearly, for geo and PASS.

3. I think I changed a lot this year, possibly become girlier. I'm into pinks, nail polish, bangles and rings, gosh. I think my taste in clothing and style has also changed heaps. And I've spent more money, gosh.

4. Gotten closer to people, drifted from some. Especially during the second half of the year, mm. Cuz in the first half, I hardly talked to the guys and stuff. I used to hang around with like Yvy or something? And KM? But now I talk to Danica and Grace and everything, we're so mad. :)

I'm trying to think of something significant to put as a fifth point...

Okay I can't think of a fifth point. But Idk, it'd be cool if people posted up what this year was for them. Cuz seriously, we're almost at the end of the year. What have you done, man. :0 And btw if you decide to do it, don't have like a million dot points, just limit it to like 7.

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