#334 You do, you don't

I normally wouldn't post song lyrics up. Wows.

The first time I wont regret one look into your eyes and I'll never forget. But you're not about to jump right into this tonight. Wondering just what to do, every single second in the room with you. I cant talk this over to win you over here, tonight.

So open your eyes, don't say goodnight. I'm wondering why, alone tonight. I'll just let it go for you.

I'm letting you down. You are just hiding it so well, giving me no sign, no interest. You don't really want this, you don't really want this, right now. Are you gonna try to save yourself? I bet you're so sick of hearing it, but you don't really want this, you don't really want this now.

So hard to get, is that what its gonna be? Sitting down not even looking at me. I hope forever, I wont remember this tonight. So out the door, gone away, running so fast through the pouring rain. Gone forever, so much better here tonight.

I'd throw it all away for you, if you took another look, you'd be back so soon. All alone, a dark cold night. Wrapped around, you better hold on tight.

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