#333 Oh wow, 333!

Kinda tired. I went Parra with my sister today, instead of going city, cuz we were too lazy. LOL. I spent like $70+ today, goshh. Everything I bought today:
* T-Way ticket ($2.50)
* Basement Cat hat ($28 $20)
* Just Jeans bleached shorts ($49.95)
* KFC snackbox ($3.25)
* T-Way ticket ($2.50)

So you guys can figure out how much I spent, cuz I cbb to add up. But yeah, I have this cat hat, cuz originally, Genvin's friend had it and last night I was thinking, Omg I full want one. LOL. So anyway, I found it, yayyerrr, but there were meant to be two pom-pom kinda things on it, but one of them were like ripped off or something, so I'm like to the chick, Hey do I get like a discount cuz one of the things are ripped off? And she's like, Oh, umm, I'll give it to you for $20? So yeah, GG man, $20 down from $28. ^^ But yeah, it's black and has ears and it's all fluffy and nice. LOL. ^^ I'll bring it to like camp or something. Vanessa should bring her wolf hat, too. :D

Umm.. Got my Just Jeans shorts, like fricken finally! But now I have like around $7 left, and I'm meant to afford Rabens and Dannis' shirt with that? LOLLL. So screwed. Oh, and btw, today was a really good day to go to Myer. Cuz heaps of shit is on sale, and it would've been better to go to Parra than Livo, cuz the Miss Shop section is way bigger there. So anyway, like most of the Miss Shop shit was on sale, and the Dangerfield section stuff was on sale, and other things were like, one day sale only and stuff, so yeah, was pretty good. :D

Finally got the Just Jeans shorts. They're pretty rad. Soo tired atm, goshhh. Full wanted to sleep on the bus, but the cool kids don't do that. AHHAHAA. Umm, oh, the guy at the pet shop had all these piercings, like, surface. Well, he had like 3 dermal punches. What a beast! LOL.

And, there are two nail polishes from Sportsgirl that I want. The red one and the light pink one. And there's this really nice cropped stripey top by Wrangler at GPC, and another stripey cropped top from Sportsgirl that I want as well. Full want it! :O And the sale stuff at GPC isn't there nemore. :(

I feel bad for some reason. LOL. I have no idea why. Possible reasons:
1. I spent too much today and:
a. might not be able to afford Dannis' shirt if he decides to sell it to me.
b. possibly cannot afford a present for Wendy or Genvin.

2. I haven't talked to # or % and I feel bad. (Oh, what's this, introducing a new person, '%'? LOL.)

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