#332 To write love on her arms

Might go to American Apparel tomorrow! Their 20% off everything sale ends tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure I'm going city. I asked my sister about tomorrow, and she just said she has to figure out exactly what she needs to buy, and if she gets it all sorted, then yes, we're going. :P But if I do go city, then I wanna check out American Apparel, gotta check Sportsgirl for Yvy, probs going Kinokuniya. Wtf. How do you spell it. LOL. I need to go Just Jeans, wanna check out FCUK and GPC .. Should be pretty mad if we end up going! I wanna buy furry material, too. So my sister can make me a furry hat. LOLLL.

Can't stay here for that long cos Genvin went away to help with the dishes.

1. PE was fun, Hughes needs more Dirty Dog sunglasses. LOL. From now on, PE is gonna be swimming, unless there's things like Y7 Life Saving. But hopefully we get to swim sometime, yeah! ^^ ^^

2. Maths, omg. Grace didn't understand how to get the common denominator, AHAHHA, and we had to get 5 or 6 people to help explain. Me, Vivian, Margaret, Kenny, Alan. LOL. Soo funny, omg. And Vivian drew all these examples, and Grace didn't get it at the end of the period and we were explaining at lunch LOL.

3. Um. Oh, Morgan Hannan did that speech about saying things are gay. I like his speech voice, LOL. No offence, but Vivek's speech-reading voice irritates me. ):

4. Truong test! I got 50/56, YAY BITCHES. Gosh. Cos I was really scared that I was gonna mess it up, but yeah, I did good. ^^ Vivian got 52, Wendy got 48, Alan got 50, Thomson got 47 I think, and so did Danica? I think.. But yeah. Sir Mai called on me for an answer, and I said you'd get two answers (A DUH LOL, a and b), and he's like, Noo, it starts with e and ends in quation, LOL. So like, equation. :P

5. Hrrm. Today was the International To Write Love On Her Arms Day, so everyone wrote love on their arms. :D


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