#335 This feels like highschool, all over again

How happy is this banana! LOL.

Farout, man. Genvin keeps downloading unnecessary music and now the internet's fucking slow. You can probably tell I'm pretty annoyed about it, but gosh, seriously. iTunes tells me that 700 songs have been added in the last two days. WTF.

1. Woke up today, and listened to my iPod. Danica called me this morning at like 12:42am. I was sad at the time. LOL. So talking to someone was good? Idk. But newais, woke up this morning and I was sleeping on my phone and iPod, which was still playing. Decided to take down all my posters, since my aunt and grandma are coming over in about a week, and I don't think they're gonna appreciate my posters and the crap on my walls. So took down everything except for my Scrabble pieces and the colouring-in book pages that are on my wall which were done by my sister possibly before I was born. Cos I never take them down. LOL.

2. Dear Eugene,
Thanks for telling me to download That's What She Said by The Friday Night Boys, cos I really really like them. And I really really really like You Do, You Don't. Full explains how I feel about shit that's come up right now. Yay. And hey, year 8's, good luck in the science exam tomorrow. I full fail at science, so hopefully you guys get better than me, yeah? :D

3. Camp's coming upppp! People are full gonna be like, extreme exercising, trying to lose weight and shit. LOL, so bothered. *0* The most I'd do is like sit ups when I have nothing to do. Hopefully it will help. LOL.

4. Oh I was gonna take a photo of my cat hat, but my 2MP camera phone is so shit LOL, and the since the hat is black, the quality for it is so crap. And I can't be bothered using my dad's camera to take it, ahaha. :P

5. Oh whoa .. Everyone's listening to Wedding Dress by Tae Yang. Maybe I should dl it. Hang on.

So is this vid about Tae Yang, who is like in love with this girl, but she's getting married to someone else? Cuz I watched it and I'm like .. Yeeeaah, I know what's going on. 8-) LOL

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