#324 Please take me anywhere but here

Oh wow, I got home pretty early today, before 3:45. Wait gotta watch smth for my sister.. Ahahas, she made an animation on Flash for her assignment. LOL, newaais:

1. Maths and English were bludge.

2. Err. Oh, recess! Man I really cbb to blog. Nothing happened at recess, I think .. Oh, I ate the rest of Sophiea's mac and cheese, and it was gross. LOL. =='

3. Hist was boring. But Creating Connections today! We were in the Donut Quad, and later on, our group joined with Nicholas' group. Gahh, still need to talk to him. :S Newais, we did like Knots and we raced the other team. Oh and there was a masking tape ship thing and me and Kenny were doctors, and had to say why we should stay on the boat, and everyone else wanted the millionaires off, ahaha, suck that Jacqueline. >;D [Nooo, my Myspace tab is lagging. Can't listen to The Summer Set. --' Oh wait it's fine now.]

But yeah, that was pretty cool, I guess. But then Alan kept spanking me, and then I spanked him back, and he spanked me again when I walked away so I shoved him, accidentally into the fence, and then he hurt his wrist. :( Then I thought I hurt him, and I felt bad, and he's like, I'll only forgive you if you hug Nicholas for 20 seconds. Or jump-hug him for 5 seconds. Or hug and hump him for 2. LOL. Soo I hugged him from behind for like 20 seconds. Farr, he's so .. really broad shoulders. --'

4. So hugging Nick was like really unsuccessful, and Alan tells me his wrist didn't even hurt? EHHUWGAKYETWYRU. But it hurt at first. TT" And before I forget again, happy 2 months, Aldrich and Lisa! ^^ Seeee, I actually remember, GG. Uhm, so I went to the art room cuz like, bro, things are so awkward now after I hugged him. --' And later on, Grace and Alan came. And Grace chucked a gross sponge at Alan, and it went into his mouth AHHAHAHA.

5. I couldn't be fucked doing anything else, so I just spent the time smoothing things out. Miss will get pissed. :S Oh well. Stress less, babes. :D Art's over. Nothing to worry about nemore. Oh gosh, but we got this English class assignment. Oh fku.

6. PASS PRAC! We went to the pool, yayers, that was rad. And so we got changed and stuff, and I full tricked Liza, she's so gullible LOLL. Like as gullible as my dad. :P Newais, so we all got changed and we went to the deep end, and we practised like .. diving. Psh, stupid Blogger says that 'practise' isn't spelt correctly. Dumbass, it is. LOL. Newais, so we practised diving, like pin drops, et ceteraaaa. Got all this water up my nose. LOL. But it was pretty fun/tiring, and OMG, I SWEAR, CLEMENT WORKS OUT OR SOMETHINGGG! And Lawrence and Allen are really skinny. But omg, Clement, I swear, works out. :I Yeah, I wasn't checking him out. For sure. LOL JOKES. I wasn't, though. :D And then we were seeing who could make the biggest splash, and then we got the people who'd made the biggest splash to come up and do it again and see who could make the biggest, and we'd just finished that when OMG the bell rang, and we were all like, OH FKKK. And we all like ran to the changerooms and .. well, I just put my dress over my wet stuff and took my shorts off and like put socks and shoes off. So yeah. Ughh, dress was all wet, like I got milked or something LOL. :(

7. Train rideee, my hair felt so crap. Skin feels so crap. Skin IS so crap, omg. :( Was looking at my skin on the bus, it's terrible, LOL. :( And my dress was wet, and I left a wet patch on the seat or something AHAHA, and I got my CR bag wet .. Gahh! So tired atm. :L

8. Yay, new catalogues. LOL. Errm, am I like the only person that gets excited when we get new catalogues? ><

Oh I totally forgot! In English, we looked up Mr Kolodziej's band, AHAHAHAA. The Laziest Man Alive (link). Such funny vocals. :P

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