#325 You and I, tonight

12538.) You are so near yet so far. I don’t think I like you anymore. I think?
Just found it on Tumblr.

Todayyyy! Oh! We finally did the banana-penis prac lesson for PE. AHHAA. And Shelley and Kevin didn't wanna do it, so they asked if we could mix up, so it was Vanessa with Shelley and I was with Kevin. And Vanessa put the condom like upside down AHAHHA. And then Kevin put the penis like in between his legs and I had to put it on him LOLL. He's so cute. :L But yeah, that was pretty cool.

OMG, saw Nick Lee today! Apparently that's gonna be like the last time I'm ever gonna see him [in the school]? Idk. Cuz that could be lke the last time I ever see him, ever, unless we bump into each other in public or something. :( :( But hopefully he goes to Thang's/Grace's/errr, her brother's party and hopefully I go! :OO Cuz that's so sad if that's the last time I ever see him, man, omg. ><

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARMEN! Wendy and Genvin's birthday next week. Gonna have to somehow afford presents.. :S Cuz I was planning, ages ago, to get Genvin Le Specs. And now, I have like .. no enough money to spare for that. Kinda. :S

Oh, there was a Remembrance Day ceremony kinda thing. Nicholas was sitting in the sun? F##k, I haven't talked to him. Farout. Oh and sport, at the end we just sat around. So that was like me, Allen, Alan, Kyleen, Lisa and Aldrich. And Simon Banh, Kavi and Kabir were sitting on the other seat. Oh, and Alan put on his .. towel thing AHHAA, and it's got like a hood and looks like a penguin. LOL. And we played hockey for sport, and people were like anal-ing each other with the stick, AHAHAHAA.

Um, went Cabra after school. Lisa handed in her resume. And omg, there's a place near Woollies with $2 nail polish? The colours are rly nice. I should get some. And Lisa was buying pomegranate juice in Woollies, so me and Lawrence went out first and then hid behind a pole and she didn't see LOL. Soooo tireeed, ugh. ><

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