#322 You are looking good today

Quick blog! Meant to be adding some scans to my art article and then bam, sending to my sister on MSN so she can print off her cpu.

1. Happy two months, Danica and Ken!

2. Didn't talk to #.

3. Not going to finish art. For sure. Don't really care, heaps of people are giving up. Kinda glad for that, cuz I don't wanna be the only one that didn't finish, ahaha. Thanks Henry. LOL.

4. I'm scanning some stuff, and this is like the best thing I ever did in art for the whole year:

Drew that at my grandpa's flat when I was waiting for my dad to pick me up. That's not really like the original drawing or nething. Oh, it's like Alice crossed with the Cheshire cat. And the arms are heaps messed up. LOL. But aww, it's so cute, full best thing I ever did in art this year, no jokes. :L I did the hair so good. How did I even manage to do that. Tried to redraw that but it didn't work out the same. LOL.

5. Newais! I gotta work, homies! Need to print this shit out. Swimming tomorrow for PASS prac, how exciting, yeah? Not really. I look bad in a bikini. I need boobies. AHAHHA.

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