#319 Chelsea, Chelsea, tell me you love me!

Omgg! Chelsea - The Summer Set is like my new favourite song or something. Full love it and listen to it. But I can't find a download link, and I've just been listening to it off their Myspace. :( And I'm too lazy to give you a link to at least the Youtube vid, but it's really good. :D

So today, I'm meant to:
+ Finish English tutor homework
+ Finish any other homework
+ Start and finish Pottery In Australia article
+ Wash clothes and hang washing
+ Clean up room a little

That seems like a lot. But I've done the washing and it's out drying right now. So that's cool. I'll start my art article now, and hopefully it's not that bad. Like, I just have to make things sound really epic and dramatic. No offense or anything, but art is just about using technical terms, long words and bullshitting things up to sound emotional and deep. LOL.

044. Haven't been doing so well.

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