#29 She's got a problem telling time

So like, there's this girl, right. Lets call her X. And ages ago, my friend (Y) was jealous of her. I thought it was kinda silly, like, not that X isn't a good person and all that, but cuz I don't see why Y would be jealous of anyone, she's got a good life, she's pretty, she has a life, so I don't see why she'd be so jealous. So anyway, I don't know if this even happened, cuz I don't even remember who said it, but someone said I was similar to X is some ways. Like, I don't even remember how they said I was similar, but .. that's what I remember, that someone said I was like X.

So now, it's kinda weird. Cuz I keep comparing myself to her. And .. IUEWHFHFJHEUDYURDYWAJHY~! She's like better in everything, zomg! Well, not full everything, but omg. :( She talks to like everyone, zomg. And .. eugh, if I say any more, then it'll just be really obvious who it is. But farout, man. I have to stop comparing myself to her. :/

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