#29 Like the alcoholic easter bunny, or something!

So what's happening? Since the exams, all I've been doing after coming home is watch some One Tree Hill anddddddd.. Oh gosh, that could be it. LOL. O__O' I was meant to bake cupcakes sometime this week, yeah? But I didn't. I'll make some on Sunday, though .. Bring them on Monday. Cuz I was going to make them today, but I haven't even started Truong homework, and I should catch up on maths. So .. I'll figure something out. ;P

So like, I finally got some clay work done in art today. I cut out a circular base for my bird cage, it was so fricken annoying to make, gosh. But finally figured out how to get it, making sure the clay didn't stick too much to the table and all that. And, I have to figure out how to make the wire-y parts of the cage without it breaking, or collapsingggg! :S

Went to art room at lunch. Got a Deep Spring off Vanessa for 55c. Oh, this morning, I went to Livo Westfields and checked all the places, seeing if they're hiring. And more places than I thought are hiring. Should get a job sometime. Write an effing resume. And it's so intimidating, gosh, cuz Lisa's handing in her resume for Gloria Jeans in Cabramatta? Gosh, I'm gonna get mega pwned, she's so going to get it. Like, mega higher chance than me. :/

Gosh, I have Crispix. Best cereal ever. LOL. ^^

Oh and I put a sticker on my iPod. And I ripped it off real badly. So it's kinda ugly atm. :/ And homies, I got good in ag. For part A, C and D, I got 53.5/58.5. And I was happy cuz that was higher than Andrew Xu, who got the highest mark, out of the ones I knew. So yeah. Radd! But part B, I think I did really bad. Daaayum. --'

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