#28 Please take me anywhere but here

12172.) Everytime I tell you to go to sleep when you're sleepy, I secretly wish that you'd wait up for me.

12190.) I can't let go of you, cause that would mean letting go of all the memories as well, and I like those memories.

12214.) i can't believe how much i miss you. even after a day, an hour, a minute, being away from you drives me insane

12216.) I don't know if I should be happy that you're letting me go, or sad that I secretly hoped that you wouldn't. I'm in love with you still, and I'm having second thoughts. I hope you let me come back when I finally realize what a big mistake I made these past months.

12219.) I can't stop thinking about you.

12241.) I skipped a meal today. today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, and almost every weekday for what, the past year? :S It kinda scares me ..

12152.) I am so afraid of failing that I don't even want to try.

12158.) It's always you in my big dreams.

12080.) I'm scared to lose you.

11893.) I'm so tired of fucking waiting.

11642.) I've become one of those pathetic girls who waits by the phone. I hate myself.

11459.) I wish you would just say yes.

11256.) When I told you about the weird dream I had with you in it, I left out the part where you kissed me. I regret that cause I kind of wanted to see your reaction.

11259.) I'm afraid.

So like .. I love Blogsecret. And I don't wanna do my maths homework, so I just looked up Blogecrets, and went through to find ones that apply .. --' And it's 10:30, gotta go for some maths. :(

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