#28 Day Old Hate

Went through 19 pages of Tumblr updates, just to find a photo for this post. --'

Umm. Wednesday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLEEN AND HAPPY 18TH, THANG! And it's Angela and Kevin's 2 months. Today seems so eventful. ;P But nothing really happened. Got my geo yearly back, 28/50. That's worse than what I did in the half yearly, but come on, man, less than one hour of study. English was pretty cool, but Anna G undid my bra clasp, and Mr Kolodziej is just talking, and I'm doing it up. T___T" FKU Anna. ;( But then we were practising for role playing stuff for Much Ado About Nothing. So yeah, that was cool. And Mr Kolodziej is like to Vanessa, So, Vanessa, what's the app you've been looking at all this time? (Cuz she has an app on her iPod, she doesn't bring the book) And she told him and he's like, What do I look up? And ahaha, he looked so excited about Shakespear, for free, on his iPod. LOL. ;P

MATHS WAS BORING. NEED TO CATCH UP MY STUPID HOMEWORK. GAH. Gotta finish everything by Friday. So shouldn't I be doing my work? Yeah I should. :(

"We're so weird, how do we even have friends?"
-- Grace

Sport was boring, full hot and everything, people were lying on the grass with umbrellas. ;P And Cabra wasn't that bad, tbh. :D Checked GJ to see if they had a job .. Missed my train, cuz I thought I was gonna miss it, but it stayed at Cabra for a while, and I'm like, ZOMG FRKN TT". So called my mum and she said she'd pick me up. Went to .. cafe, or something, with Andy and Allen, and sat around and talked. Andy went home, so I was with Allen and Greek and Roshan at Happy Cup, and they were just talking, and at the end I was like so bored LOL cuz they're talking about guy-like stuff, and yeah. ==' Went homeeee, watched One Tree Hill. OH, and Greek watchs OTH too, pwned, bitches, sif it's gay. >;D

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