#29 Fine plastic parts

To ---,
You're really nice. Like, seriously. I'm glad we started talking, cuz I come to you with all my problems and stuff, and even though you have your fair share of a real shit life, you help me with my crap and make me all happy. But like, I want you to be happy, yeah? So be happy for me. Well, that's easier said than done, cuz you really have shit going on in your life, like serious crap compared to my pussy-ass problems. Oh gosh, pussy-ass sounds bad. I meant pussy-ass as in like, not important. LOL. O__O YEAH well, I want you to be happyyyy. And you're a cool person, friends with like everyone, and yeah. Love you boi. ;D And I put this in bold cuz you're obviously really special. Chyeeeeeahh .. ;D

Love, Genevieve

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