#30 Maybe it's true that I can't live without you


Oh, found out Leanne's following my blog, now? Yayy, followers. :D I can't really be bothered to type about today properly.
1. Sophiea and Paulinna had a fight.

2. Grace's face was on the school newsletter. I didn't even see it, so yeah. But she was all, 'I hate this school,' and 'This school is a bitch,' AHAHA.

3. Maths topic test today. And Holmes collected books.

4. Went to art room at lunch. Year 7 and 8 clay is sooo ugly, omg. LOL. Like, the actual clay, the brown thing with like .. the crap in it. Zomg, so ugly. Our clay is so much prettier. Eugene tricked Mitchell that he was a daygo, when he's really a boarder.

5. PASS, we did like either frisbee or touch. Everyone ditched touch and ended up doing frisbee. Soo boring. Gosh. We tried to start a game of tips but it didn't work.

6. I got 88.7% for ag. Chyeahh girl. :D Ag was funny, cuz people were just going through my bag, and playing with my eyeliner and Gatsby and moisturiser and stuff. So Ms Blake came down the back of the room, and we were just talking about waxing and dying hair and stuff. LOL. She's so cool. :D

7. I have noodles. Beat that, bitches. >;D

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