#20 Garfield, slow down!

Oh wow, that girl's got a nice body. LOL. Didn't know till I uploaded it. :L

On the study table, there's a Garfield book (Garfield the Rebel. Oh yeahh). So I've decided to just name all my blogs something from the book, LOL.

Exams today! HSIE and ag, first two periods, last two periods. I hope I did good. Gosh, HSIE, my timing was so messed up. Spent 60 minutes on history, then realised I had really short to do geo, so my geo was really rushed, and I got this really easy question wrong. :'(

Then ag, which wasn't too bad, I reckon. I knew most of the stuff, and it was good that Ms Thomas and Mr Dillon let us study for the period. Stupid Dillon made us do some easy-ass work, though, but we got some study time at the end. But yeah, I memorised the diagrams of tractor parts during maths. The exam wasn't too bad, yeah, I knew most of it except for 1 or 2 questions or parts. Hopefully I did good! :S.

out of 9 exams to complete.


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