#19 Garfield, where's my goldfish?!

Tomorrow we have HSIE and Ag. That's kinda terrible, cos I haven't studied much at all for HSIE, but ag is going alright, still need to remember a lot.

Train times are weirdddd. Well, still need to get used to them. We have a nice train in the afternoons now, yayy. And today wasn't really interesting. People like my hair. Yay. LOL. And heaps of other people got haircuts, too.

Newais. I should be epic studying right now. Like serious.

5:06PM - Alright, I deleted my essay from the blog. Cos I don't want people to take it. Like, after seeing what people have done with Grace's .. yeah. :S

8:22PM - Aye, really late to ask, but does anyone have geography and history notes? If you do, tell me and please send, yeah? Thanks. But I doubt I'll get any, but okay. Thanks. :D

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