#18 All the things we put each other through, it's for you, for you, for you.

Last day of the holidays! How totally quick was that, gosh, and even though I studied heaps, a lot of that was just writing notes, and so I still have to actually have a lot to learn! :O

End of holidays = School + Summer Uniform + Exams + Stress + 842 bus rides and train rides

Goshhhh. I have to learn all Angela's ag notes (Oh, I remember everything in Fodder Oats and Filling The Winter Feed Gap, yay, but some stuff I wanna look up on, like .. Gotta read some stuff on zero till and conventional cultivation, cos Angela's notes only skimmed over it) and write and remember history and geography notes before Tuesday. I've also gotta fucking finish the English essay (1 out of 5 paragraphs done, fuck yeah), and I've got English tutor homework. Frick mannnn!

So I've gotta be superhero, man, and study like no tomorrow.

Can't wait till all this crap is all over. Then I can like, have good weekends where I'm not studying, and then I can do all the things I wanna do, and camp will be in a few weeks. Hopefully camp is good. And hopefully it's not like really cold/wet there. Cuz I'd be annoyed, like broooo, it's spring and almost summer, it should be sunny and happy. LOL.

All the things I wanna do:
+ Go swimming
+ Go jogging
+ Bake cupcakes
+ Write a resume and try get a job
+ Go shopping, but after saving up
+ Go to IKEA and buy a bookcase
+ Idk, like save up and get piercings. AHAHA. ^^


72 hours of study (5:01PM)

Working on English..

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