#17 Oh Garfield, you're the biggest rebel.

Gosh, only two more days of the holidays! Shiz, man! Like, today and then tomorrow, Monday and then we have our exams! HSIE and ag, and I haven't studied for any of them. Then maths, which I haven't studied for either. Then English, which I haven't written a practice essay for. Then science, which I know only half of. Then .. I don't remember what's next, but I doubt I've studied for it.

This 72-hour study thing went really shit. LOL. Like I did the hours, and I'm keeping on track of that, but the studying isn't that productive. :S :S :S I have to cram so much effing stuff these last few days, it's not funny. Hopefully I remember all the ag notes by the end of today. But that's fricken crazy (maybe), and I doubt I could, but I hope so. :S

There's this guy, yeah. And he's got a girlfriend, but I miss himmmmm. I don't like him or anything, but yeah, I totally miss him. D; And Dannis is here, gtg!

12:50PM Oh, my dad got an iPhone 3GS 16GB yesterday. --' And I think Genvin's getting the Touch. Daayum.

17 Oct 09, 10:59 AM
Troy: Okay i'm done, sorry if that didn't help :/
17 Oct 09, 10:59 AM
Troy: Write each paragraph about a problem and the values it portrays in people and how they overcome it(:
17 Oct 09, 10:57 AM
Troy: Umm and Hero's fake death shows the sincerity of Claudio and the determination of hero and ****.
17 Oct 09, 10:56 AM
Troy: The problem of themselves and their values (beatrice and benedick) And the influence of others.
17 Oct 09, 10:55 AM
Troy: lol good characters are Hero+claudio, Beatrice+Benedick, Don pedro. Talk about how they overcome-->

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