#13 She's the sweetest drug.

Omg mann, you guys would totally not guess what happened today! Grace came over, but sorry about how I left before you did, Grace! Anyway, cuz I was going with my sister and her friends, to their other friend's place to do some weight training and stuff like that. Like, I don't go for weight training, I go for like, err, ab-work and treadmill.

SO ANYWAY, Henry (that's the guy) put the treadmill for 20 minutes, and every now and then, he'd increase the speed for two minutes and see how I go. And fricken, cuz there are buttons there for .. easy-changing-access, and the highest was 120. And just for kicks, he decided to put it at 140, LOL, SO I KINDA LIKE FELL OFF THE TREADMILL. D: Cuz that's like the first time I ever went on, AHAHA. And like, actually fell off it and everything, on the floor next to the treadmill LOLOL. Cuz I'd been on for around 16 minutes, and then he changed it, and I'm like, Oh eff, man, I can't do this shit. LOL. So yeah, my hand and shoulder hurt, and I have a blister. How terrible! LOL. But it was pretty funny. ;D And then we went out for dinner at Canley Heights, and he forgot my name and he called me 'Little girl', LOL, like how pedo is that, that's what Jordan Kerr calls people when he's trying to be pedo. AHAHA.

And thennnnn.. Oh! I'm getting a haircut tomorrow! I have yet to find a picture to show the hairdresser, but I'm getting it short. Well, a longer pixie cut. Cuz y'know how pixie cuts don't really cover the back of your neck, cuz they're that short? Yeah, I'd get it longer so it at least covers the back of my neck, gosh. But wow, it's gonna be so short, and when I go Parra on Thursday, some people are gonna see it! So wow, yeah? HOPEFULLY IT TURNS OUT NICE.

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