#14 'Cause you're so damn lonely when you're on my mind.

Oh. So like, I got a haircut. And it's really weird. Like, y'know how if you have short enough hair, when you use products like wax and Gatsby and shit, your hair will SPIKE up? Yeah, the top layers of my hair are cut too long for that, which is NTY, omg. Like, so if I use products and stuff, it'll PUFF up, but it's not a spike up. Gosh, I don't think you guys would get what I mean. :L And anyway, my fringe feels short, and .. Farout, it's just all dodgy. Like, I swear, I would totally get it cut again, but I don't have the money for that, and my parents would be like, What the fuck, did you get it cut again, that's so stupid, wasting your money. But anyway, I reckon it looks really weird. Idk if it actually does, though. Arghh. T___T""

And I read around half of Much Ado About Nothing. And the question for English is like, hard, I rkn. :( :( :( FUCKING ENGLISH. I should start it today, or something, though. BUT WHO ARE THE GOOD PEOPLE IN 'MUCH ADO ABT NTH', AND WHAT FRICKEN TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS DO THEY FRICKEN HAVE TO GO THROUGH FOR THEIR GOOD FORTUNE? O___O"

And gosh, everyone's gonna see my stupid short hair at stupid Parra tomorrow. Stupid picture I showed the hairdresser. LOL. Cuz I swear, if I showed them a slightly different picture, I wouldn't be as pissed right now. Seriouslyyy. TT" Cuz I was wondering out of like 5 different pictures, which one to show the hairdresser, cuz they're pretty much the same cut, and farout, it turns out all gay. NTY. TT" But I bought some really pale pink nail polish, that's almost white, yay?

I look bad. :/ My dad only just realised I got a haircut. He'd been home for like, 2 hours. And I talked to him, as well. LOL.

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