#12 You're the reason I love losing sleep.

Grace came over today, and happy birthday, Cindy Van!

I didn't get much studying done, like, I couldn't really concentrate, so I did my Truong homework really really slowly, instead. D: Farout. Sometimes Blogger screws up on me, and a whole heap of text I type up gets lost. It really annoys me, and happened just then. Gosh. So, Brian came over as well, and he drove Genvin to Officeworks, and shortly after they arrived home, they decided to go to Subway. So they went out again, ahaha. Me and Grace left for Truong, and nothing really interesting happened there, pretty much, tbh.

I really really don't want to do the English exam. Like, I honestly don't want to do it. Grace is coming over, and our holidays are really running short. Like, seriously. It's Monday today, and it'll be Tuesday tomorrow. How many days can I put off writing a practice essay for the stupid English exam about stupid Shakespeare and stupid Much Ado About Nothing. Stupid. So I really don't wanna do that, and I'm scared of the maths exam, cuz I'm .. kinda worried that I won't be in A1 next year. :S And HSIE will be the boringest crap out, and I don't have any notes for PASS or ag. And I have to study some crap for art. And oh gosh,

I have to scan notes for DP!
Uhm, can someone else do it?
Cuz I don't know when I can get round to scanning.. :S :S

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