#06 How about tubal ligation?

Today, I will finish my science notes. And I'm scanning them for you guys right now. And since I'm meant to be studying 4.5 hours everyday for 16 days (total on 72 hours), I have to catch up like 7 hours today. Plus today's studying. So today I was meant to study 11.5 hours. And I'm lying in bed, thinking, holy shit, I can't do that.
Conclusion: Study 8 hours for two days.

4 hours left, fuck yeah.

And if anyone needs it, then this is the exam timetable:
Click to view larger, but I this file might be really big. But then again, it might not be really big. So yeah, just whatever, if you're capped or something and the picture turns out big, then pwned, sorryyy. ;P

So like, I've studied for 6 hours and 10 minutes, and I only have one more unit to write notes for (2.4) and then I'll be done and happy, yeah? :P But I decided to just blog for a bit. So I woke up today at, oh Idk, but I got out of bed at 11-something, I think. Showered, and I was in the kitchen at 11:21AM and thought, I have 9 mins to make and eat breakfast. So heated up some laksa from last night, and was eating at 11:25. And I started studying at 11:25 or 11:26. Whatevs, and yeah, studied for 2 hours. Genvin's friend Christina Kelman from our school came over, she sings good. :O Youtube her, yeah? Ahaha, I think there's a vid from Talent Quest this year. Yeah, newais, so Genvin and Christina were recording and practising some songs, and I'm sitting there studying. Had a 20 minute break after 2 hours. Scanned all the science notes I'd written, so everything except for chapter 1 and 2. Went back to studying. Couldn't go weight training with my sister today. Haven't gone before but I plan to, cuz I've never been on a treadmill before and it looks rad. Like, cos my sister and two of her friends go to their other friend's place and work out, cuz the guy has all this equipment. And I said I'd go sometime in the holidays, but no, not today pls, got 8 hours of studying to do. I'll see if I can go another time this holidays. >< ! Hopefully. Anyway, Aldrich wanted a study crew. LOL, he didn't say study crew, but yeah, plans to go library or smth? Idk if that'd be a good idea, like how much studying would you get with a big group? Gotta go library with Nick sometime, though, since last time failed. Oh well whatevs, I went back to studyinggg. Genvin left for tutor so Christina went home. Anyway, I should be writing notes! Tumblr, Blogspot and MSN is distracting. Not really MSN, though, since it says I'm afk and no ones talking to me.

And I realise that lately at night, I've signed onto MSN even though Genvin's using the computer, then put my personal message as '#Afk' and then gone away to study in my room. I study and do homework or whatever for hours. Genvin usually calls someone, and then he's afk and in his room, talking for a while. And then I always come out of my room at around 11:15PM and then talk to people until the end of the day. Unless Genvin comes back and I either go afk or share the computer. So anyway, I just realised that I'm actually afk a lot, like whoa, yeah? ^o)

GG PWNAGEEEE. Finished my 8 hours of study at 8:58PM. Finished science notes, all I have to do now is scan them, and scan the figures. Hopefully the pictures turn out alright, cos I scanned the diagram of a penis, and it was kinda blurry I think, and if it is, then you guys just have to refer to your textbooks for that, cos I'm not gonna look up 'labelled penis diagram' on Google Images, LOL.

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