#05 Weather's terrible -- hope you're okay.

So today I was meant to go to Cabramatta library with Nicholas and study. Lol, every time I say that, people are like, 'Study, huhhh? ;)'. Ahaha. --'

So I went Livo Westfields this morning, cos it came to my attention that the Bardot dress I want is no longer on the site, so shit, maybe I should get it soon, yeah? Before they run out of my size, yeah? So yayers, bitches, I got it. ^^ In my size and everything, for $49.95. So yayyy, saved $40, and now I have a pretty dress. :D

On the train to Cabramatta. Almost at Cabra, Nicholas calls me and he's like, Hey Cabra library isn't open today, cuz it's Labour Day, and I'm like, Are you for real! :0 And I got off the train and found him there, and he's like, So what do you want to do? ><

So anyway, we walked around for a bit, and called Danica, she was asleep, but going out that day. But with more phone calls and stuff, she said she'd come meet us, and we could go Lisa's house. So me and Nic were like, Zomg this is really boring, we'll walk around, and so we got like, Easyway and Red Lea and stuff, sat around, talked, yeeah. And at some point, Danica's like, Okay, I'll go to Lisa's house and we'll meet you at somewhere, and hang around in Cabra.

Blah blah, met them sometime at like 2 or something. And like, I was going home at 6. TT" We walked around, omg, so tiringg, Cabra sucks, LOL. Cuz me and Nick walked around for like 3 and a half hours already? Like, got there at around 11:40. Nothing full on interesting happeneddd?

We went Sushi Hub and decided to eat wasabi for fun. Gosh, it's fricken .. really bad. Cuz I really don't like wasabi, yeah? TT" And yeah, we had some, and then Nick got like HEAPS and he swallowed it and he's like, OMGGG and we were laughing at him, and then he's like, I feel sick. AHHA, pwned. :L Umm, yeah, and we hung around at different places. And considered going to Lisa's, or Danica's, and how we were getting home and stuff.

Not sure what time this was, I think it was maybe 3:30? Maybe later? It was me, Lisa, Danica, Ken and Nicholas, and we were standing around near Red Lea, and it was raining a little, and we're like, Shizz, what do we do! Cos we could go to someone's house, or stay here, and we stood around discussing what to do. Lisa decided to walk home, so she walked home. And then it started raining harderrrr.

And then it full started raining really hard, and we're like, OMG TT". And we walked around just to like, go somewhere, and then decided to go TG, and it was fricken POURING, faar! Soo cold, omg. Cuz I was in shorts and a tee, no jacket or nething. My shoes got full pwned. Oh, shoes, I wanna get Converse Lites, they're on sale at Globalise. ;D Yeah anyway, we hung around in TG for a bit, and Nicholas was like, I'm gonna catch my next bus, it's at 4:17, but that didn't come, ahahha, pwned, and the next one was at 4:40.

Hung around, didn't really do nething at TG. Watched Danica play some DDR, and then Nick's brother called and said they had a ride home, and that they were on Park Rd. And it'd stopped raining by then, it was like, 4:45 I think. And I was like, Good, cuz then I can go to my grandpa's apartment earlier, maybe study, and then I'll get picked up from there at 6. And then so we left, and were walking towards Park Rd, and ahaha, Nick called his brother when they were just across the road, AHHA. Lol. And me and Nicholas were like, mid-hug, and Danica called, AHAHHA. So had to take that call, and walked a bit with Nick towards his car, and then hugged him and went to meet Danica at outside Woolies.

And Danica and Ken were like .. Okay, so she hugged him, and then he wouldn't let go, and I had to stand there for like 10-15 minutes waiting for them to .. get .. stop hugging, LOL. Awkward. :( And then we went Woolies, me and Danica, and then hung around therreee. Then went Submerge for like half an hour! LOL. And we talked to Ms Pham and stuff, looked at clothes. Then I had to go homeeee, and tutor, blah blah.

Got one hour of study, today. :'( Only one hour, wth man. And this blog was boring and/or long, sorry bitches. ><

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