Tuesday 22nd (But if only they knew)

Today's reaally hot, and I got home early, at 3:40. So I just got home and chuck a cold shower (no, I didn't have a boner ;D) and like had ice cream and noodles. Not at the same time. LOL. Anyway, I should be studying, yeah? But I don't want to. I like doing those survey things, but it makes me look like I have no life. :(

We've received so many of our exam notifications, like 5 or something. This kinda annoys me, cuz it means I should be studying. Farrout. So yeah, I should study this weekend.


What happened today, hmm. Omg, I was at the bus stop, 3 minutes early, and then I'm like, SHIT, PASS PRAC TODAY. And so I decided to go home and get my uniform then get driven to Cabra, instead. And went with Angela to get Gloria Jeans.

Well, at lunch, I hung around with Danica, Andy, Allen and stuff. But then Danica ditched me for Ken, Allen went away, Aldrich went off too, and Andy wanted to give me and Nicholas 'alone time'. So he went to get ice cream with Andy, and I went back to my group. And omg, my group, full looked so junky LOL. Like, later on when some people had left, it was me, Vanessa, Stephen, Michelle and Grace. Stephen was looking depressed, Michelle was thinking, Vanessa was sleeping, and Grace was lying down and singing, but it just looked like she's muttering to herself, AHHAHA. So yeah, that's how badass my group is. :)

PASS prac was pretty mad, I guess. Fricken hot, though, full dyingg. And maths was bludge, but it was really hot. On the train ride home, we were in the guy's carriage and they were having an arm wrestling competition. Idk what happened in the end, though, cuz like I went off at Livo?

Oh, so tired.

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