Monday 28th *Spoink

Ohh, I can't really be bothered to blog about today. We played tennis for PE, which wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. We were in pairs, and we were rotating. I was with Yvy, and when we versed Kevin and Henry, like the tennis pro pair LOL, they were so funny, ahaha, like they don't even act like a team, and laugh at each other when the other person loses .. Gah, you just have to be there. ><

PASS was tennis as well, and I was with Allen, Alex and Kabhi against like Anne, Anh, Veronica, Holly etc, and Kabhi was like, 'teaching Alex how to play', and was like, Okay, press B to hit, and all this shit, and was like, Have to press B to throw the ball and A to hit it, B-A. Psh you have to be there. T___T" LOL but it was funny. And Allen was like scaring me, and Ms Thomas was just sitting on the silver seats watching us play, so Allen sneaked up behind her and scared her, and me, Kabhi and Veronica were just watching from the courts, ahahha, soo funny.

I DID CRAP IN MY MATHS TOPIC TEST. I'm doing crap in maths, now. This is really bad. :S Lunch, I got told off by Mr Hughes and had to change and go to show him I'd changed. And Idk, I hung around with Grace and Andy, Allen, Nic and stuff. Oh, and the IPT and history minor kids had their yearlies today. How epic. :0

Omg, bus ride home, like all the Hurlstone kids were just talking, how badassss. And I was like listening to Edward talk to the twins about tmrw, and stuff. Muck upppp! Gotta see Nick, hopefully he cross-dresses, LOL. And some people are sleeping over at the school, I think. Like, wow, so dedicatedd. ;P

Gotta go tutor later. ;(

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