Tuesday 29th (What have I gotten into)

SO, today was epic. ^^ Year 12 Muck Up, yeah?

They planned everything soo much, omg. I don't have any photos, so I'm relying on Vanessa to blog them on Tumblr, and then I'll just reblog that, ahahah. :D Anyway, so came into the school, and they tried to charge us a gold coin to get in LOL, but you just push right past them, sooo funny. Cuz people were cross-dressing and everything, so Thang and Nick and stuff were in dressess! LOL. ;D I was wet before period 1, cuz I was standing around in the main quad and yeah, Idk wth it was but got wet before p1. And they had all this toilet paper hanging from the trees and on the floor and everything. :L It actually looked nice in the wind. LOL.

And period 1, some people came in and they're like, GUYS, THERE'S BEEN A BOMB SCARE, EVERYONE UNDER YOUR TABLES NOW, and Mr Kolodziej was like all pissed and he's like, GET OUT, and they're like, IF YOU HEAR ANY LOUD NOISES, QUICK, UNDER YOUR TABLES, and then they left, AHAHAs. ;D And they had to clean up some of the toilet paper that was on the floor. Some guys had like really short skirts, why be so slut for, AHHA, jkk. ;P

And period 2, cos all the year 12's were in the main quad, and I had science in room 31, but then someone said to go to room 3, so Vanessa decides to go through the main quad, and we full got hit and everything, omg ==', and my back was all wet, and then it turns out we were just in our normal classroom, LOL.

Recess, whoa, that was epic. So I bought cookies for people, cos I'm so nice and cuz I shared it with my group yesterday and the guys didn't get nething, ahaha, so I was sharing around cookies in the main quad, and then OMG, the year 12's like just started all these water bombs and it was so planned, omg, full at the same time and they were around the whole main quad, chucking it around everywhere, not just at the year 7-8's, soo mad. LOL. And Danica got really wet and stuff, ahha, but it was pretty mad. And I think they had another rush through the maths room, or something? Idk. :L

Period 4, hmm, nothing really happened. Cos it was just art. Oh, but the year 12's made a slide, on the oval and grass area near the hall, LOL. Period 5, geo, hm, nothing happened there either.

At lunch, they had that teacher vs students rugby match, and I was watching for a bit then couldn't be bothered, and walked around with Danica. The bell rang, but hardly anyone went to class. Oh! Before that, Nick tried to connect my bag to Danica's, LOL, but it didn't worrkk. And anyway, walking around with Danica, and we tried to make Thang flick this guy's bra strap but that bitchy girl next to him full death stared us, like frkn jeez man, it's just for kicks. LOL. And Danica was like, Hey Thang, come get my bag with me, and we walked up and then she just poured all this water on him, and he did it back to her, and then we walked dowwnnn, Danica took some photos with people, hung around till the end. Oh and Mr Peck was playing, looked like a fricken little kid, no jk. :L Umm, oh Danica showed one of my luvos to like everyone. Slack bitch. I'm so cute there. LOL JKK. And then everyone went up to the main quad, and everyone was just wetting each other with bottles. And then Danica took a photo with Thang, and while she was taking the photo, Thang popped a water bomb over her head, and she took the photo (with my phone), so the photo is like, right when Thang popped the water bomb and you can see the water and stuff, GG! ^^ But then we had to go class.

And class, we just drove tractors, and me and Vanessa talked to Shelley.

Train ride home, omg, walking to the station. All the year 12's were waiting at the station, and then they started chucking all these water bombs, and me and Vanessa were like walking and nothing really got us, but then we got closer to Nick, fricken hell, LOL, he full targets me, and waits for Vanessa to walk past and then gets me, and he got my back and it didn't even pop and it fricken hurt, LOL, and then some hit my arm and I got hit on the neck, and Nick got me, and I can hear him and he's like, 'Hey, watch this' to his friends and everything, full targets me, LOL. And later on people got like, flour-ed. Soo fun, LOL. ^^ Got all wet and it's like good fun for the year 12's. And us. LOL. ^^

OH, and 9E and N, they got bombed in the morning when they had PE, AHAHA. Cuz they went to change, but then the year 12's blocked off the changerooms and they couldn't get in, and they had to go in the cubicles, and the year 12's dropped a bomb in it when they were changing. PWNED, AHAHA. :D

- nickk- aimhigh [96] says (4:04 PM):
*so funny
*we have the whole grade
*on lesson time
*creep up to a class
*we then have one person (in this case johnny) with full party gear and a stereo
*he then knocks on the door and turns up the music to max
*then every1 behind g
*and runs in

- nickk- aimhigh [96] says (4:04 PM):
*mr kologi or wtv
*he fkn owned us lol
*we went in
*and then chucked a fart bomb + a water bomb in his face
*and ddi that party time in his class
*and hes like
*and were like

- nickk- aimhigh [96] says (4:06 PM):
*heaos for us
*at teh end
*we made
*6 bins full of waterbombs
*thats like 1000

- nickk- aimhigh [96] says (4:07 PM):
*thats mad
*we had so much waterbombs
*no jokes
*we used like
*6k maybe

Oh. I forgot to blog it earlier. It's kinda embarrassing. Anyway, y'know when people say sexting? Yeeeahhh I only just got it this morning. LOLOLOLOL. Like, even Avi said it to me, and he's like, Are you sexting Nicholas, or something like that. But yeah, I got off the bus, and just randomly occured to me what it meant, and that sexting rhymes and sounds like texting. Yeeeahhh that's how slow I am. And oh whoa, I wrote 'Yeeeahhh' twice, the same way in this paragraph. What a coincidence. LOL.

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