Food diary

It appears that all I've really done since I've gone is gone out for dinner at restaurants around Canley Heights, Maccas/froyo/Krispy Kreme runs, freak out about exams/nothing important, gone through highs and lows (I don't even remember why anymore), claimed by boyfriend's snood as my own (hehe), ran my last ever school cross country and came 7th, joint-hosted a scavenger hunt at school, er and that's actually all I can recall. Actually, the other night I was reading through my old blog posts back from 09/10, and I'm so glad I had a blog then; remembered so much I'd completely forgotten about, and stumbled across my Project Day Zero list that I'd abandoned after a few months. Funnily enough, my list finishes in August this year, and when I read through it, I'm actually pretty amazed at the things I was able to cross off that I'd previously thought I wouldn't really do (and yes, some are REALLY dumb and embarrassing to look back on, but come on, I was in year 9):
    #002 Go out partly/fully dressed in pjs.
    #010 Lie on the ground and watch the clouds pass by with people I love.
    #014 Give a friend an anonymous [birthday] present.
    #016 Suprise a friend with a [birthday] present.
    #029 Obtain a polaroid photo.
    #036 Get a pair of heels.
    #047 Sleep under the stars.
    #050 Attend Rice Rally.
    #076 Get two piercings.
    #082 Create an FB account.
    #089 Get a new camera.
    #093 Take a photo and apply for Lookbook.nu.
    #097 Volunteer work or community service.
    #098 Learn CPR.
It was nice to realise that I'd actually gotten things done over these past couple years, and that some things on that list have become a norm for me: go out (to tutor) wearing pyjama shorts, deliver anonymous surprise birthday presents, take photos on my Instax, blah blah blah. 

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