We can't keep running

Dotti jumper, Cotton On Body lace shorts, Sportsgirl clutch and nail polish, rose quartz bracelet from temple 

I finally went shopping this week, and (unexpectedly) saw a rip-off of the DV shoes I wanted for $30 AND OUT OF MY SIZE. I hate it when this happens, I wish I never saw them on sale. :( But to comfort myself, I don't even know where I'd wear them to, especially without looking like a lanky giant with huge shoes and oddly long legs. Urghh holidays are over in around a week's time and I feel like I haven't done anything. But at least we come back on Tuesday and there's a public holiday on Wednesday. REALLY gotta start picking up my game, wah.

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amanda said...

I love how you wear PJ pants and make it look casual!
Such a gorgeous outfit!