Come closer

Things I'm in love with right now: minty shades of green-blue, teamed with fluorescent yellow and gold jewellery, and wearing scrunched socks and boots. Can something be bright and pastel at the same time? I don't know how this came about but right now, I'm obsessed with wearing pastels/nudes and brights, with flashes of gold here and there. Don't know if this is just a phase I'm going through (that will probably come back to embarrass me) or..

Stuff I bought/got during exams: new NYX blushes off Cherry Culture, Sportsgirl crocodile clutch (that I saw Willabelle from Pale Division wear, ahh), Sportsgirl Nail It! nail polish in Iceberg, cookies and cream flavoured Panda Pocky, 5 new pairs of socks (for $3! Socks that were already insanely cheap + $2 extra change from the sales assistant, hehe), and new embroidery floss and other bits and bobs for making friendship bracelets. Annddddd, I *FINALLY* got my conch pierced! (Picture here) I'm pretty sure I've annoyed everyone I know about it, but I still can't believe it. After whining to my parents after every exam period, Christmas and birthday and being the goody two shoes I am, I finally got the okay from my parents (i.e. annoyed them to the extent of letting me) and got it done. YAYYYY ^___^ Happy Easter everyone!

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Nusardel Oshana said...

Oh my God... LOVE. That clutch... I may have to risk looking like an idiot and buy it. AND POCKY! God that stuff is addictive. And that nail colour... It's safe to say that I love every single thing about this post, and your blog for that matter. x