Too much 8.47

Wow, I haven't blogged in like 3 days but so much stuff has happened. :0 Yesterday, happy 6 months Nick! :D LOL. I feel like such a kid when I say that kinda .. Feel like such a teen. Idk. :p But yay, happy 6 months Nick, we went to Sushi Bay after school yesterday to have udon and sushi. And they played (I think) Lollipop by Big Bang. IF they have a song called Lollipop. Which I think they do. Not Lollipop with 2NE1 though. And they had In My Head by Jason Derulo but a Korean version LOL. Had udon and 2 plates and omg had this lychee drink and it was so nice. :3 After that, we walked into Westfields and I went into Bardot and after that we started heading home LOL. But on the way, we stopped into Vinnies cuz I saw this mega nice bag in the glass window, and I asked the sales assistant how much it was, and she said it was just $10 so I bought it! :D I saw Maryanne, Shilpa and .. Iesha (omg how do I spell her name D:) and I'm pretty sure they work there. :( Make me feel so lazy for not working lol. But we walked back to the station and yeah, my bus was coming soon. It was such a nice day though, I love going udon with Nick, it's so good. LOL. :D Oh, and we'll be friends forever. FOREVER. LOL. :D

On Thursday, it was Regional Athletics Carnival and I saw Helen again, just like last year LOL. Nothing much happened tbh .. We actually came 4th in our heat but Katrina (4th runner) swears we were meant to come 3rd, and this isn't like some, Nah man, we actually came 3rd, you guys are bitches as if you beat us kinda thing, but like a We actually came 3rd, I was over the line before her thing. LIKE SERIOUSLY, we were meant to come 3rd in our heat! LOL. But the difference was like .22 seconds so yeah. Ended up coming 4th in our heat and 9th out of 12 in the race. Whatever. :p It was kinda fun though lol but there was full commotion about who was running which leg and yeah. Had to run 3rd, ugh, and my change over with Amannda was crappy. D: Went back to school and hung around with 10M/O. Oh, but when we weren't racing, we were walking around selling chocolate and seeing who could sell the most, and Amannda full owned me LOL. D:

On Wednesday .. Not much happened. SHIT, I forgot my Yahoo account login and shit and can't be bothered trying to figure it out at the moment. Ah shit I've used all of my free calls to 3. :( Oh wait, I was signed in on Flickr on Chrome, good. I had to use my dad's Nikon which has like this fricken huge lens on it, bro I don't even know how this shit works LOL. Cuz my sister took the Canon cuz she's going out to the city today to this anime convention thing. I think. :p Ooh, Flickr's changed, it's all pretty now. :D:D

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