Cinema hopping (825)

NB: Typed this all up on 17/06/10, posted on 18/07/10.

I'm such a bad blogger, but it really sucks having to share a computer with my sister and brother, especially when I have work and they don't. So anyway, last night I think I might've gotten 1 or 2 marks off the Exit Exam at Truong .. I don't know, at least 1-2 marks. But the exam was .. I'd expect people to do well since it turns out we'd already seen the exam. :I So I hope I do okay in that and that I'm in the same class as my Hurlstone A1 crew. LOL.

Anyway, today I went out with Nick but it was just to Livo. :D But it was really fun, keke. :p So we got there at like 9am so we could have breakfast as Maccas and I got hotcakes and um, they're not actually that good? LOL. The hash browns there are so fresh and hot and fluffy though, omg so good. :D We watched Toy Story 3 cuz Nick hadn't watched it yet and omg, seriously it's like the best movie ever! :D But it's so sad. :( And that ended at like 11:45 so we sat around in the cinema area and didn't feel like going shopping or nething, so we decided to go to another movie and we ended up watching Shrek 3 (in 3D) and aww the cat is so cute. :3 I want a cat like that, looks so soft and cuddly. My cat's not even fat and just bites my hands when I'm typing on the computer. :( LOL. Yeah so we watched that and it ended at 2:something, so we walked around. But it's Livo, as if you wouldn't get bored, LOL. So I was considering going to Cabra and getting my ears pierced, but then decided not to cuz I don't think my mum would've appreciated how spontaneous it was .. TT But okay, we walked around more and then I went into Priceline and bought a new exfoliator cuz my skin has just gone like so shit overnight. :( So I got that, and we were gonna go home and were walking towards the station, but then I decided to go eat udon at Sushi Bay LOL. :D Soo good so we went in and it was pretty crowded and we had to get a table. When we were eating they played Genie by SNSD. :D And when we finished the first bowl I wasn't really hungry but wanted another one so we got another bowl of ebi tempura udon and unatama? :D Nick full made me pronouce it properly keke. :p Yeah, so udon and Sushi Bay made me full happy and feel all warm and stuff LOL. And then we walked to the station and there was a massive group of trashy tb's on the bus ride home, yay. :I But oh, my BB cream came in the mail and I haven't tried it cuz my face is fucking flaky and gross and dry and shit so I don't wanna try it yet.

But I really feel like udon now .. And I got home early today, yay! :) 4:47pm.

This is when I was studying for the Truong exam. I was really happy I got this question cuz it had 3 unknowns and I got it using simultaneous equations! And it's not like, Oh yeah, one of the points were like (0, x), oh nah man, they were all like .. had values that weren't 0. LOL. Okay dw. :I

When I couldn't get the answer for that quadratics question with the product/s of the tens digit and units digit of an unknown number. But I got it in the end, yay. TT"

Instead of studying for the exit exam/doing ext. 2 English, me and Genvin were being really mature and taking photos outside LOL. :D

Pancakes I made on Thursday. They're all different sized LOL. We didn't have cream or anything so I put butter. And I tried to make the butter look nice, like make it a pretty scoop kinda thing so I heated the spoon using the steam that was coming out of the kettle and then tried scooping it but yeah that didn't turn out so good LOL.

What Genvin and Stephen were doing on Thursday evening. LOL.

But these are the pancakes I made on Wednesday! So proud of this photo cuz I made the cream look pretty LOL. :D The actual pancakes weren't as thin as the ones I made on Thursday, though. :C

Someone wanted to see my nails? Lighting was terrible but you can see how none of the colours are the same? Not really on the photo on the left, though. Well you can but it's just barely, and probs only if you clicked to view larger. But not even the two whites are the same; the one on the left is creamier than the one on the right. :p This is from when I went to all these stores in Livo and tried on their nail polish.

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