Grace is coming over today.


Okay yeah, so Grace came over today and we studied and went through the notes on logs, hyperbola, limits and exponentials from Vivian. I remember how to do hyperbola, limits and exponential now! :D But I'm not sure about logs cuz I didn't look over it .. And I just realised that there's only one more week of revision before the exit exam! :o I'm kinda scared now. :s Oh yeah, my aunt told me about how the pharmacy near her house is currently offering jobs for preferably 15 year olds. But she kinda lives in Blacktown ..

Plan of Action (06/07/10):
1. Meet up at Livo train station.
2. Watch Eclipse.
3. Buy a new Truong book.
4. Maybe buy lens solution.
5. Order stuff off eBay.

Tomorrow should be pretty fun. :D I really wanna wear my circle lenses! Oh! And I think lol, inspired by Grace's mega badass tragus piercing, Vanessa's now allowed to get seconds and Christie's allowed to get a helix? Oh damn, guys, you make 2nds look so normal. :'(

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